Sunday, November 2, 2008

Birds and Bugs

Hiyas all!  Helena, very sweetly, gave an invite for me to be a guest blooger (I'm in love with that word) and here I am to write my first post!  To give a bit of background: I'm a recent acquaintance to the creations of The Stringer Mausoleum and The Stringer Shrine. I discovered the excellent crystalline mohicans that were gifts in the huge Magic of Oz sim opening hunt. After that I had to look at more of the incredible, inventive, styles that Ms. Stringer here makes. Designer lurve mentioned - onto the fashion! 

This weekend was the launch of Paper Couture's new Autumn collection and the ensuing frenzy both in-world on release and then on the fashion feeds is pretty spot on.  There are some fabulous designs and texturing in these outfits and I've selected one to feature here.

This is Gold Puntino and it's elegant and simple in execution but big on the details.  What I love here is that you can take it in its purest fashion sense and make it look catwalktastic or you can do what I enjoy best which is big it up as a theatrical event. As I found with a previous PC release that was even more structural, the Silk Gypsy dress, the sort of Venetian Masque style gives an operatic air in my view.  The texturing on the system skirt is excellently done with silken shading, the clean lines of the tulip shaped skirt to ankle length merges nicely with the sheer top and light, floating, feather decorations on the shoulders.  As the outfit is a creamy white shade I went for MiaSnow's Dahlia skin as it has doll-like lustre in tone and make-up and matched the effect I wanted to create.  Rarely do I not include shoes in an outfit, even if they aren't pictured, but going barefoot with this gown was something different to try and the nail polish on the skin I really like.

The feather decoration is what set the theme for me, as in the title, using Helena's imaginative hair that was specifically created for the Hair Fair earlier this year: Lady of the Bugs. As it brings to mind a more retro style with the back plaiting and the tendrils that frame the face it makes a contrast between the ladylike grooming and the bugs that are a separate attachment. The ladybugs (or ladybirds for U.K. readers like me) are scripted for a billion colours, okay 256 lol, so it was easy to play around with these to set them as part of the outfit. The ladybugs/feather detail come in three versions: two are scripted and attach to the mouth or chin point and one is unscripted.  To finish the whole thing off I remembered I had picked up four Yip's Roly Poly Dream dress awhile ago which includes in the set various interesting features such as the wearable insects pictured here over my eye and around my neck and back.

Currently Helena is having a bit of a shop re-vamping, so Lady of the Bugs is not up on the vendors but is available to buy at the OnRez store pages.  

Hope you've all enjoyed my first post here (whilst I get to grips with a new blog format), many thanks again to Helena and I'm looking forward to seeing more soon!

The Details:

Dress: Paper Couture @ Tableau Gold Puntino L$300.
Hair: The Stringer Shrine Lady of the Bugs in Platinum L$225. Set of four shades and 3 bug attachments.
Skin: *MiaSnow* Dahlia 8 L$600. 
Additional eye and neck insects from four Yip's Roly Poly Dream dress. Available at as a free item at YIP's @ MO Island.


Helena Stringer said...

wootwoo! Catwalktastic!

You did great!

can't wait for more

Belochka Shostakovich said...

:D Aww thank you! It's a pleasure and total fun to be here, can't wait to see more.

Ruina Kessel said...

Heeeeeey welcome to ssstringer! *giggles* I absolutely love the outfit you chose to go with Lady of the Bugs. beautiful!