Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well sunday brought the close of Rezzable's "Inspired by Crimson Shadow" Fashion roundup. I was saving up for one of the outfits, and since I was at the show, I grabbed it all up! You can now get this outfit at the mainstore, Sweetest Good-bye. This thing has many options, you can make it very risque if you want, or wear all the pieces, like I am here.

I decided to wear an updo with it, but didn't feel like doing retro, this outfit was way to edgy. So I threw on Orly, in black and white to match with the theme of the outfit. I wanted to wear one of my new Fleur skins to the show, and liked the look of white on white, so I kept it on after I changed into my new outfit(I had on Last Call clothing at the show, hence why not shown here, don't want to tease you guys too much!). When shifting from my normal demon form, into one of the lesser beings on this earthen sl realm, I tend to stear towards vampire as the chosen vessel. It also seemed fitting for the event(Crimson Shadow, duh!). I have always loved green eyes in my lesser form, they seem so vibrant against my pale skin.

You'll see here also a sneak peak at my "real" primmed eyelashes. Yes that is not a texture! And the darn things glow, how cool is that?
And what outfit isn't complete without a pair of shoes from ::69::? NO OUTFIT! Kidding. You have to at least own one pair of ::69::'s awesome shoes. There are all different types, as well as some super awesome boots! They make other not so great things(like hair-----> kidding, really nice hair). How doesn't love matching girl and guy skullies on toesies?

Outfit-Sweetest Good-bye-White Shadow-L$900

Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Orly-Black tipped from the Blacks pack-L$175

Skin-Fleur-Allure China Sinuous 2-L$1200(all the Allure skin line on sale 1/2 till 14th!)

Teeth-Gianetti-Retractable Fangs-L$50(male and female versions)

Eyes-lessthen3-Frost Eyes-L$75

Eyelashes-The Stringer Mausoleum-Real Primmed Lashes-Killer-Black/White with glow(Will be out this week!)

Shoes-::69::-Succubus Pumps-Snow-L$250(They now are a bit more, but they have been updated it seems and have more skullies, so yay for that!)


Belochka Shostakovich said...

woo! That outfit is really something special. And you made prim lashes that glow too. *me stands in line jumping up and down*

Helena Stringer said...

Yes I am excited about them, hopefully they will be a hit!

Ruina Kessel said...

Those prim lashes are truly awesome! I love that outfit and those shoes too! <3