Friday, November 14, 2008

No Bird Should Be Bound

But we bind them to ourselves anyway, too entranced by their beauty and mystery and complete foreign-ness, too puffed up with the power of control to let them go. We value freedom and yet are stingy with it. So contradictory, so human.

Moody thoughts for a moody look ....

As soon as Fricka (of {Frick}) released her corset piercings (shown here in dark pink from the pink pack) I was totally in love with them. And while I don't have a problem with hanging out nude, I wanted something I could wear with them and show them off, even in places where other people didn't want me to show off my boobs. So the hunt was on to find something with a swooping back. And voila!

This GORGEOUS dress is from the ever talented Callie Cline, and it's called "Swan Song", this being the plum version. And let me just say, I LOVE the fact that her 'plum' color is the color of an actual plum! Or, at least, the plums that grew in my grandmother's yard so many years ago ... Italian, I think? Anyway, I often see colors called plum that are generally a lot pinker and redder, which is just not what I think of when I think of a ripe juicy plum.

And what better way to really make an elegant dress striking, than with a mohawk, hmm? I dare you to find something better! Here I have on my very favorite of Stringer's 'hawks, the Lizard Frill in "Poisonberry" from the Cherberry pack. Why do I like it so much? I'm not totally sure, but I suspect it has something to do with the animal-ness of it, as well as the nontraditional lean. This is an old style of hers, one she's had for a while, but recently re-textured (I'm afraid I may have pestered her into it >_>). I felt it particularly went well with this dress in a thematic manner, because it looks much like a bird frill, as well as a lizard's.

Matching the rich color of the dress, I have on Fricka's beautiful NEW skin "Disco Sheet" in goth tone. Let me just re-iterate how much I love Fricka's work! She makes these awesome, daring, lovely, fanciful things (mostly skins, but some other stuff too) and it's all so damn affordable! If you haven't been, go there now!

And for a delicious sprinkle of goldy-green contrast, I have AlterEgoTrip's beautiful Fine Contrast "slate green" eyes on. Another very affordable (40L for a set of 28!!) and very awesome detail to add to any look.

One last detail to add - this "Platinum Pendant" necklace from DECO. The whole look called for a minimalist approach and I felt that this Art Deco style piece was just perfect, in a silver that went well with the white skin. It came in a set with matching earrings too. Most elegant!

<3 Ruina


Helena Stringer said...


I have like the whole darn store-----> so bad!

And you didn't pester me to redo the hawk, it just happened sooner then later, hehe. It is a good one!

Ruina Kessel said...

omg me too LOL. It's a compulsion. "Hi, I'm Ruina Kessel, and I'm a Frickaholic" ;P

And LOL, well, I'm glad it was sooner!!