Monday, December 22, 2008

Fleur Double Trouble!

Being a Fleur Insider has it's fun moments. Okay to tell the truth, so far it's all been fun moments! My job is to wear Fleur items, to tell people about them, and try to make it to the events. How hard is that? I found this week a fun challenge, to show off these new Fleur gloves in MY style.

I sort of ended up with a colour theme, and wouldn't you know, it's my store colours too! I really honestly didn't do that intentionally. So the whole outfit was based off the gloves. I figured I'd put on a Fleur skin as well. The new china line is to die for! And has just the right shade of dead for your afterlife. I searched through my inventory for this and that and made up this outfit. Now I have been bad again. You can buy the skirt, just not in this colour. Sorry, I didn't know it was a limited thing, and when I went back to find out the price, GONE! So you'll have to deal. Now is when I go neeener neeeener, I have it you can't get one! XP

Now it wouldn't be a true post on my style without my wearing a mohawk. I made a new one, but decided to be nice, and not wear it since it isn't out yet. Can't have 2 things you can't grab! So this is Ex'd in Rock Green.

I have an ever changing ever evolving style. Since I do not use models in my ads, just me, I have to have a bit of everything. I mash shit up all the time. I aim to do it well, and most times it works. Katat0nik is such a sweetie, and tho I would not say we are like best buds, we do talk from time to time. She was impressed with my one Fleur Insider shot I did, wearing her boots. So the sweet girl sent me another pair! Here I also wear my Kasum necklace I made to match the Kasum back spikes shown in Belochka Shostakovich HERE. You get the necklace free in the set, I sort of just made it to match, and didn't want to sell it really. The eyes are from Skin Within. They make many realistic eyes, and I tend to like the size of the iris. A lot of eye designers make them so big, it's nice to have a change of pace. To keep things all spicey I threw on my Real Primmed Killer Lashes. Gives just enough extra glam.

I'm wearing a great tat from Designs of Darkness. Rezit Sideways makes the most unique tats I have ever seen in sl so far. As she is a rl artist, you can almost see the paintbrush stokes popping off your skin. If you want to be different, and surprise your little personal fanclub, you need to at least grab one of her many tats. Here you can also see the great gem details on this top. Who needs bling when you got these?



Fleur has had some requests to bring back out the gloves they use to have in the clothing part of the store. When the new sim design was implemented, they still had yet to open the clothing store. Once they did these favs were missing! Oh Noooos! Well after a bit of haggling, they have been put back out. But there is one difference. What you might ask? Whole New Set! They added some new colours, this emerald green being one of those.The gloves come in 3 sizes, which makes them work with just about anything.

You want the goods? Here they are:

Skin-Fleur-Fleur Allure China Sinuous 3-L$1000
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Ex'd-Rock Green from Rocker Pack-L$225 for 8 colours
Eyes-Skin Within-[SW] Sparkler Eyes-L$75
Lashes-The Stringer Mausoleum-Real Primmed Lashes-KILLER-BLACK/ROBIN with glow-L$300
Top-Cupcakes-part of Netty dress-L$150
Skirt-Silent Sparrow-Grimly Skirts-4 types per pack-L$300
Gloves-Fleur-Emerald Gloves-L$100 for 3 sizes
Tats-Designs of Darkness--L$250
Necklace-The Stringer Mausoleum at Magic of Oz-Free(in the Kasum back spikes pack)
Boots-katat0nik- Ghostfire Boots(green/black)-L$450

New Skin Release!

They Brought back Biba!

I figured to show the skin off, we'd do an on the location type shoot. Fun fun! I didn't make myself wear any swimsuits in winter tho.

Fleur now has a new refurbished Biba skin. Perfect for any retro style you are trying to pull off, or for those festive parties happening this time of year. You can get her with 3 different makeups.

I figured to pull more retro in, I'd wear retro all around. I threw on Bouffantee. Cute little doo that is great in laggy sims. It's only 9 prims!

This Bracelet is from Inca Temple. A very delicate design which tied into the colours of this outfit.
Ivalde always delivers when you need retro style. This dress says it all. But sometimes style is deadly, these shoes so didn't have any traction!

A closeup so you can see the wonderful smoldering eyes on this skin.

Do you want it all? Here it is:

Skin-Fleur-Fleur Allure Alabaster Biba 1-L$1000
Hair-The Stringer Shrine at Ivalde-Bouffantee in Saphire-L$175 for a 6 pack
Eyes-The Stringer Mausoleum-Robotica in Dreamwalker-L$30
Eyelashes-The Stringer Mausoleum-Tippy Lashes-Basic Black-L$80
Dress-Ivalde-Magny black/blue-L$350
Shoes-SKG shoes-These babies are free, with a bunch of other free shoes!
Earrings and Necklace-DECO-Pave Swing Set-L$1
Bracelet-Inca Temple-Lady Di bracelet-L$160

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Little Girl in the Asylum

When the paranormal team entered the dilapidated asylum to investigate reports they had received of incessant wailing and strange warbled singing, they found all of the patient cells of the asylum emptied, save one. Inside the darkened and foul-smelling chamber stood a solitary girl, a tiny waifish figure - she was posing this way and that way in her black leather coat. Smiling innocent-like, all the while, in their direction. The girl was cooperative and even a bit of a hostess, offering them tea and crumpets while she pranced about happily overjoyed to receive guests in her magical palace.

Member A of the team was drawn to the girl's eyes, beautiful with their many dimensions of purple and green interlacing together in marriage. He was transfixed for a moment, as if in a daze, and realized he had come under the girl's spell. And so he joined the girl in a spirited dance around the team, offering each one a lump or two of sugar with their tea.

Member B of the team enjoyed watching the girl's spirited frolicking about and admired her knee high buckle boots and purple striped knee socks. If only to have a pair of sturdy and versatile boots such as those and socks full of color to keep her legs warm, it must surely be occasion to dance. And so, Member B laid down her electrical monitoring equipment and began a festive Gaelic jig of her own, minding to keep in step with the girl's rhythm.

Member C of the paranormal investigation team noticed that despite the rugged conditions of the musty cell, that the girl's plumberry and black locks were well coiffed. Curly strands cascading throughout and the way her cute bangs framed her face brought attention to her snowy white skin. Her lips blackened with coal, the girl looked at Member C coquettishly, then more solemn, and whispered, "Join us." And so Member C intrigued at the girl's ways, joined in the dancing and merry making.

Member D had always been the strongest sceptic of the team - the one that would not go so easily into any theory or conclusion without a good fight. Even after their scanners, videos, and recorders had produced undeniable proof of entities not belonging to this world, she would ask for more proof. As Member D stood her ground and approached the girl in order to subdue her, she caught a glint of precious metal and ribbon wrapped lovingly around the girl's tiny neck. Inside the glimmering and glistening of the girl's choker, Member D found all the answers to all of her questions, and finally, was convinced.

It was this scene, of the four members of the paranormal investigative team dancing merriliy around each other in the padded cell smelling of old life and decay, sipping on their imaginary tea and sharing their imaginary crumpets, that the Police Authorities discovered when they received reports of unusual sounds, voices, and movement coming from the century old mental institution. The members of the team reported they had encountered a beautiful young girl who offered them tea and was quite the pleasant hostess. The Police, realized that these were not scientists at all, but rather patients who had escaped the new mental facility down the street and had returned to the old asylum to play. All of the patients were rounded up and escorted back to the new asylum in good time. As the Police Chief was leaving the decaying cell he thought he had caught a glimpse from the corner of his eye the image of a pretty little girl drinking tea and waving goodbye, with a devious glint in her eyes.

*~* The Little Girl wore :
** Jacket - Black Leather Jacket by Siddean Munro of SLink 200L ~~
** Eyes - Dark purple/green from Craze Eye Pack by Helena Stringer 175L for a 6-pack of various hypnotizing colors ~~
** Knee Socks - Wild Stripes Stockings in black purple by Rezit Sideways of D.o.D Designs of Darkness, 150L for a 6 pack of various stripey deliciousness ~~
** Boots - Black Leather Kicks by Prozak 69L ~~
** Hair - "Kyphotic" in Plumberry/Black from the Cherberry Tipped pack by Helena Stringer 175L ~~
** Skin - "Pale - Crying Spider" by Helena Stringer, 10L ~~
** Choker - Filigree Souls Collar by Magdalena Bergamasco of Needful Things, 120L ~~

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Helena does Christmas

I'm not much on the traditional xmas, I will admit. But when i got the notice for this outfit, I had to have it. I have been collecting certain types of doll like garments for a bit, tho I really haven't done much with them. I felt this fit the bill, while still bringing a bit of Ho Ho Ho.

I have been naughty, and there are a few items you wont be able to get, but for the most part, all the main stuff is up for grabs. The outfit is by LVS&Co, and let me say, they really get into any holiday spirit. Almost once a month they have something going on, and many of the stores on the sim participate. They alway make some really rad cheap outfits, and some other random things. They also have greally beautiful reward pick outfits, for both MEN and women.

I decided to wear Assasin, cause I thought it would be cute with the candy cane esars I got from MiaSnow.
The details with the outfit are just too much. Cute little cookie buttons, bows on your stockings, enough frill on the skirt to make any dolie making granny forget about teh length. I chose to wear a group gift from Sanu, this light up nose, it's supose to help me find my way??? The Skin you can't have, it was out last year from Skin Within, and they don't seem to have one this year :( Had to wear it tho, loved the holly on it. My wonderful green eyes are from Treasured Visions, I have a thing for really green eyes, and these go right in that catagory! Now the boots, the boots, this is where I have been naughty again. You can't get these special xmas ones, they were from last year, buuuuuuuut Tesla does have a really nice brocade pair that is the same, just without the little critters and flowers instead. Worth a look, you almost would not be able to tell them apart. So I'm not soooooo naughty XP


Skin-Skin Within-Skin not availible, but can find many other great ones here
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Assasin-in Scarlet-L$175 for a pack of 6
Eyes-Treasured Visions-Flecks-Green IV-L$95
Eyelashes-Sin Skins-Ferra in black-L$100
Outfit-LVS&Co-SANTAS GIRL-GREEN-L$30(there are other colours aswell
Shoes-Tesla-Ziggy Heels-L$399
Noes-Sanu-Free Group gift
Antlers-MiaSnow-Candy Cane Horns-L$1

Something New at Fleur

I decided to be a good little girl, and do my Fleur Insider duty this weekend. The was a mini sale going on, as well as a release of some new outfits. I decided to keep this short and sweet, have a bigger post to follow. Just sneaking this in really.

Fleur Items:

Fair Isle Knee Socks-6pack-L$250
Ribbed Turtleneck WHITE-L$100
Fair Isle Sweater Dress GREEN-L$200
Fleur Vivant Cream Paon 1-L$250-for sale in the discount basement(don't be fooled by the vendor signs, it is really only L$250)

Wearing my new hair Wrapped which you can only get at the Black Swan sim

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Canadiana-Dilly Doll Love!

It's been so busy, and yes my bloogers and I have all been doing other things. As always for the time being, I'll always try to get you out one a week.

Many of you are doing the Peace on Earth hunt. You should be at least, I'm in it! When dryrunning the gauntlet, I found one place that I loved. Called Dilly Dolls, it's a mix of Silent Sarrow and Katat0nik. I normally don't like to do that, place designers in a catagory, but it was so true.

For the hunt item she had a bunch of different dresses, each unique, done up in different nationalities. I am wearing the canadian one(duh).

If you haven't noticed by now, I enjoy the black,red and grey theme(look to first post on this blog!). Feeling sort of cutsie, I threw on Wartime, a hair I made for the Ivlade sim.

Now the boots are one of the many red boots I own. But I don't get to wear these too often, it was nice to dust them off. Simple choker was enough for me, and these wonderful eyes? Got them at House of Ruin-----> fab new eye store. I wear almost always the night versions, cause you often get different ones for the times of day. The night have this lovely black void that I wouldn't be able to live without.

Now I have 3 more Dilly Doll outfits I was going to post, but my pics went wonky, so I'll have to reshoot the rest, but for now I hope this staves off the hunger!

Get the goods:

Skin-The Stringer Skin Store-Film Noir skin-L$1
Hair-The Stringer Shrine@Ivalde-Wartime in Fire tipped-L$175 for a 6pack
Eyes-House of Ruin-Starry Eyes (ruby)-L$30
Dress-Dilly Dolls-P.O.E. Hunt Globe #233-L$0
Boots-Digital Dragon Designs-DDD Burgandy Fashionista Boot-L$400
Choker-Ding Designs-Angel Choker-L$100

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hitting the Campaign Trail

***Warning----> This post might offend or make some people gag, as I am a chic crossdressing as a man crossdressing***


What is this all about you ask?

Well Winter, our friendly neighborhood guest "blooger" and friend, is in a style throwdown. He campaigned for more votes, and I thought I would help him out!

I had these pics still from a party in October that was at Crimson Shadow. If you haven't guessed, it was a Rocky Horror Picture Show Party. I was not meaning to go as rocky, but somehow thats what it turned into.

I ended up butchering my fav Fleur skin. The only issue was trying to hide my boob shading, so I threw on a corset and added a boa for a bit more coverage, plus it works for the theme of the night.

I spent some time trying to find shoes I could man size. Unique Needs filled the bill! The it was just simply putting on the right stockings, making sure I don't snag them, finding some patties, and some more fishnets, just because!

So if you saw me on the corner . . .

Hey VOTE! thats what I want, none of that, whatever you had in mind!

Check out Winter's campaign trail here

I highly doubt that many of you will want to creat my look, so I'm just putting links to the stores

Hair-The Stringer Shrine
Boa-Nicky Ree
Corset-She Wants Revenge
Undergarments-SNATCH(wont let me type it right today)
Shoes-Unique Needs

Monday, December 1, 2008

Monochrome Mood

Sometimes the world is best viewed in black and white.

Summon Crouch

From up here colours bleed, shadows deepen and detail fades to grey.

Summon Sulk

It's easier not knowing who you were. Why you need to live. And that you were loved.

Come, dance. Join me in the eternal waltz of the Undead.

Summon Jump

We haz cookies.

Stringer Mausoleum "Summon Winter" hair in Nickle Tipped
Excess Lui Skin in Corvine Marble
Spider Productions Spiked Chain Forearm Bands
Sinfull Blueray Demon horns, Asmodeus Tail
Shooz! Black Belted Boots
Avid Venom Sleeveless Jacket and Pants
Muism Ear Piercing Mix#03
Addixion Half Tribal Tattoo
[Kick] Prim eyes in Stars

Oh yes. And Vote for Winter in the Style Throwdown.