Monday, November 10, 2008

Flower for the lady?

Hello all!  This time round I've got a bit of a different look inspired by Helena's Bellazane hair. I have to give a thank you here to the charming Arhat Bingyi, one of the Stringer models who was in the main store when I dropped by with my partner (he was having a make-over evening but that's another story!) and was super-helpful to us both.  Having tried the graceful looking Bellazane out when at home I knew the dress I would wear this with pretty instantly - Comme il Faut's Sonata. Now I've been a little bad here because, although the Sonata dress is available, this red colour was only on sale in July this year.

I think of Sonata as a slightly Victorian style dress with its collar, the sheer patterned shirt and gold buttons plus the fullness of the prim skirt, which is why the ringlets and the back bun style of Bellazane made a connection with this particular outfit for me.  I particularly like the top of the Sonata dress and I think it would pretty easy to mix this into other styles if the Victorian look is not your thing.

One element that is a lot more recent though is the Licorice skin in Praline that is from Wax Poetic by Roberta Beauchamp.  I was really delighted to see that Roberta Beauchamp had returned with new skins in the last month because I had a major liking for her previous work. These are modded versions of the Eloh Eliot full permission skin releases (as it states in the notecard that comes with them) and I find the make-up shading so lovely and striking that I will be no doubt be wearing them practically to death, which for a skin chameleon like me is not that usual.

I find it funny too that it was unintentional to mix my sweets by having a Praline Licorice skin with Milk Chocolate hair, this may be a subliminal message that I need chocolate soon! To return to the dress though lol I did try matching some jewellery with this but came up a little short on the right type of ornate style to match the pattern and colour. However I did find a rose hair accessory that was made by the talented Kermit Rutkowski  (who had his Halloween items pack at the recent Rezzable's Inspired by Crimson Shadow fashion show). Alas I don't think he has these on sale just yet but hopefully with some encouragement and nudging he may get a store one day. :)

That's all for today though folks, so safe days and nights!

The Sonata dress comes on the following layers: shirt, jacket, pants and prim skirt and sleeves. The permissions are Copy/Mod/No Trans.

The Details:

Dress: Comme il Faut Sonata Vivace dress.  This is available in four colours (the red was limited edition) L$245.

Skin: Wax Poetic Licorice in Praline L$300.

Hair: Stringer HQ The Stringer Shrine/Mausoleum *TSS*Bellazane in Milk Chocolate (pack of 8 hair colours). Currently free in the main store.

Rose hair accessory: Kermit Rutkowski.  A gift.

Shoes: Aphrodite Creations Sasy Chic in Red. (Not pictured)L$200.

Prim Lashes: Aphrodite Creations Gentle Brush L$75.


LadyLight Koolhoven said...

Ah it's okay about the red! Boss lady has not had an outfit we really can even wear yet! hehe. Well for the clothing I mean.

Belochka Shostakovich said...

Hee, thankees ladylight, I'm sure something will be coming right up! *g*

Ruina Kessel said...

Well, and I don't think you have to only wear stuff that is purchase-able, for the blog. Helena said she just wanted to showcase *how* we wear her hair and stuff. Besides, she wore Last Call clothing in one of her own posts, and that stuff is barely available at all (only if someone is reselling it). So, you won't get away with calling yourself naughty this time, I'm afraid ... unless of course your sole intention was to cause jealosy. Then you might be a little naughty ;) *lol*

Helena Stringer said...

Yes, as long as there is some sort of something that can be bought, it's all good. I just got to make sure I wear some clothing people can find----> hehe!