Friday, November 28, 2008

1 Year Anniversary PAAAAAARTAY!

*** WARNING--->There is a bit of Nudity in this post***

My one year anniversary came up for the store on monday. I had mentioned about 3 weeks ago that I might have a bash, but didn't feel I could pull it off, so didn't plan anything. Well after a bit of coxing from some of thr models and friends, I decided it was abck on. This was monday, the day of my anniversary. So Iended up with 2 days to plan this thing.

Well I managed with help of friends and family, and all my lovely models.

Dj Infiner spun my tunes
Ruina was my hostess
Friends, fans and family gave out gifts

The theme was "Winter Wonder" cause I didn't want people in sweaters or xmas stuff.

Today I'm going to show you my outfit. I sort of stood out amongst all the white beings.

I was the Ghost of Reindeer Roadkill.

I loved this shot, just had to put it in here.

I was at Bare Rose looking for something else, when I saw this gem. I had already had another outfit picked for the party, but so could NOT get this outfit. It has a tonne of stuff with it, 4 different colours, tail, horns, shoulder horns and different clothing layers.

It even has this open front upper layer, which is rather odd for Bare Rose, for tho they make some outfits that fall into the catagories of sexy/dom/cosplay, they try not to go to far, because of the origin of the designers.

I'm wearing my new Insane hair, which sadly wont be for sale till the new year. HEHE I'm a tease!

I also found out this week that I have received the honour of becoming a Fleur Insider. So I thought it fitting to yet again wear fleur as my skin of choice for the event.

The outfit comes with incredible horns and shoulder bits. The have little skulls and other random dangles. I instantly fell in love with the chard look of them. It came with the tail, but alas no hooves. So what could I do? Go on down to Lazy Places and pick up a set of the new boots! There are 4 different kinds out, each with a mythic theme. The satyr ones were perfect, and the red was just right. There are many colours, so you can match to anything I'm sure. They even leave little hoovy marks if you want!

Again I'm wearing my Tippy lashes, but only for the fact that my horns were conflicting with the attachement spot of my others. I still have yet to make them attache nose, mouth and chin.

And the eyes are a daily fav, meaning if I have to just throw something on this is one of the few in that special folder. They are from Unique.

This is a gift out from Ruina, Designer/Creator of House of Ruin. She made these just for me! I have this thing for spiders, and she was making these jewel yes. So she named this amber set after me. Then asked if she could set them out. Don't know how long they will be out for, but it's worth a try to check! You get all 3 in the pack.

Another gift that is out, these were made for me by a former model(B1ackJack Fall), to go with my eyes. He has been generous enough to allow me to use it as a gift whenever I want to. What a nice guy! The glow does cool things depending on the eye you have underneith, so experiment.

A fan made this for the event. I didn't get it till after, and when I put it on, I was like wow, it actually has Happy anniversary on it! Totally cool. Kate McLaglen was the designer of these baies.

I have this special version of Tonic(Allegory Beta tester-never released) out as a gift. Sort of looks like icicles.

And my Bestestest Friend Rezit Sideways gave me this baby, after her and some of her friends joked they were going to toilet paper my antlers. You get to snuggle this little cutie, the only thing that sucks is that the priority number conflicts with most dances, so I was stuck on one dance for the last half of the night! But it's okay, I wanted my snuggles. To see a pic of me snuggling this package, click here

So as of today, there are still gifts out in front of the dj booth. Mine will be there for sure till this sunday. For the rest, you might want to hurry!

Skin-Fleur-Allure Ivory-Sinuous 1-L$1200
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Insane-in Scarlet tipped(will be availible in the new year
Eyes-Unique-Expressive Eyes Green 2-L$179
Eyelashes-The Stringer Mausoleum-Tippy Lashes-Red-L$150 for the Coloured Pack
Outfit-Bare Rose-Raindraa-L$150
Hooves-Lazy Places-Myth Boots Satyr RedL$350

Gifts-you can find at The Stringer Mausoleum

Toilet papar Snuggle-Cluster-Cuddley soft toilet paper-L$25(but I got it for free, ha ha haha ha)


Belochka Shostakovich said...

Oh wow! I hardly know where to start but what an awesome outfit, I'm only sorry I couldn't get along to see all the fun, dancing and goodies. What a huge lot of great things, bravo to everyone for making those. :) Roll on 2nd birthday and many, many more I hope!

Helena Stringer said...

Well like I said, some of the stuff is still out, and next time I have some sort of party, I'll make sure I do a big ass marketing thing! It wont be so last minute. Be sure to check out my flickr, party pics will be on there soon.

Ruina Kessel said...

Aww Helena, you make those eyes look so good!!! :D And I love that reindeer outfit on you. Ghost of Reindeer roadkill indeed! :P