Friday, October 31, 2008

Hurricane Ruina

Hi there! I'm Ruina Kessel and I'm one of Helena's models. I'm so excited to be part of this project, and I plan to make it lots of fun. Are you ready? It's a long one!

#1: Mmmm I Love The Smell of Latex In The Morning ...

The other day I woke up and I knew it was going to be a latex day. Now, one of the things I like about my love of latex is that it's absolutely not kink related. No, really! Ok, fine, don't believe me ... Anyway, I had a little bit of latex in my wardrobe, but not enough to satiate my desire, so off I went shopping. And look at the loveliness I found! Naturally, as soon as I tried it on I just had to break out my Stringer-wear.

I know, I know, I can hear you already. What on earth am I wearing?? Well, let me tell you ...

This is Stringer's super awesome Double Duster in "violet tipped" from the purple pack. I've totally got a mohawk fetish goin' on, and this is one of the absolute coolest mohawks you can have, trust me.

Along with hair, Helena makes some really lovely eyes. These are from the Meta pack, "port" color, and can also be obtained at her Stringer HQ. You can also see here that I'm wearing "Candy Shimmer" skin in purple-orange (which comes in many other delicious colors) by Crimson + Clover .

This luscious latex ensemble is actually made up of two separate outfits, one underneath, and one on top. Underneath I'm wearing Slick's "Delilah" in black, easily one of my favorite clothing pieces because it always makes for something interesting peeking out from under yer clothes ;). On top of Delilah I'm wearing Elixir's uber wonderful "Sheer Latex Bodysuit" in black. As soon as I saw it I *had* to have it. So yummy!

And lastly, these lovely versatile shoes - "Elise 2 - Elevate" (platform mary janes) from Tesla. These shoes are a group gift, so go join up and get them for free!

oh, but I'm not done ....

#2: Who's Your Voodoo Daddy?

I logged in to SL today to discover that a picture I'd submitted to Ivalde's flickr group had won the weekly contest (you can see it here)! The prize was a giftcard and of course I could not resist spending some of it right then! Because, you see, as soon as I got to Ivalde's I found that she'd released these new outfits that are quite QUITE awesome.

This is "Ivalde Boutique - Celeste". It comes with a skirt too, so you can do it tomboy, or you can do it girlie. Either way you're gonna come out lookin' smashing!

To complete my lovely prize I added some spice - "Lasher", platinum tipped, by Stringer, a hair from one of her tester packs (and extremely cheap at 1L per color pack, or 10L for everything) that had just the right amount of attitude. I topped that off with this this amazing tophat from Punk Shack called "Big Bad Voodoo Daddy". It's got skulls, tarot style cards, pins, a feather, and a snake skin strap. What more could a girl ask for?

And, of course, I kept wearing Stringer's lovely eyes, Meta "port", same as above. Isn't it interesting how a different skin and attitude can change the way the eyes look? Speaking of skin, here I'm wearing Pulse's skin "Tone 0, makeup 2".

Not wanting to flash it too girlie this time around, I found these awesome buckle boots at ETD and I LOVE them (I even got them on SALE for 30L ... you can too if you head over there before December 26th).

Alright, I'll leave ya with that and save some more fashion goodness for you later ;)


Helena Stringer said...

oooooooo YAY! Looks good baby, hehe!

So excited!

Cherelle Capra said...

When I some the real life mohawk pics my sister showed me, I told her she just had to do it (at least for me), then the "Duster" was born! What an awesome mohawk and of course the follow up...the "Double Duster". For all you mohawk feens out there....this is one you MUST have in your collection otherwise you are missing out on some major edgey hair opportunities!!

Helena Stringer said...

Runs to ETD

Cherelle Capra said...

Runs with you to ETD. (footwear fetish queen out you bishs)

Ruina Kessel said...

OMG I know. I went BACK to ETD and bought more colors of those boots. I'm completely infatuated with them!