Friday, November 14, 2008

Do You Dare-SN@TCH Designer Challenge

Every morning, to start my day in sl, I read the blogs. Always do I check the official sites, then my flickr, then a few fashion feeds, and a few posts here and there written by friends. I just can't always get out, as I have to constantly make product and balance my rl. It's like my sl new every morning. But I control it! Well I stumbled on Ivey Deschanel's designer challenge. This designer I have followed for a long time. Well okay just a year, but in sl years thats like 20, so give me a break! I actually literally own half the store. Well the products silly, not the land! Geeeeez!

I have always found her refreshing, she says what she means, as do I. She stands up for her rights. She has morals and codes she lives by. Her business ethics, structure and practices are well thought out. She is also very generous to all people, if they are noobies or not. That I rank highest above all, as we all do start out sometime in this second life of ours. We all were noobs.

She is one of my sl idols, and I have but few.

Well I never did here about the fiasco that went on on flickr. But if it warrented Ivey getting pissed, it had to have been fairly bad. My heart reaches out to all those new designers that got hurt in the mess. We don't all know how to instantly do grande shit. I never did anything on a computer other then email and gaming. Every thing I know in sl was self taught, learned by tutorial, or though help of my awesome sister.

So here and now I am taking up the challenge. I have kept my old ads, so I'm going to show you my porgression through some of them.

I had someone buy me a "Making hair in sl for DUMMIES" guide. It came with tutorial books, parts and some links to different resorces. This was made from that book. It taught me how to play with prims, the number one ingredient for hair. Would I wear this hair now----> HELLS NO! Do I regret making it, nope. And I dislike white. For some damn reason I always worn white!
Another made from that kit. The skin in this ad had no ear textures or nose, so you actually had to make sure there was some shadow in the sl lighting.
I was so proud of this ad. I thought she looked like she was having fun. This hair I made from learning some tricks off of Natalia. She now has a website with a bunch of tutorials. CHECK IT OUT!

Another one from my kit. Great name eh?I apparently shortened it =)

This hair I based off of a Pam Ann pic. I wore this everyday, well when I didn't have a mohawk on. I was given s set of hair textures from my sisters man inworld. I used them for about 8 months. I didn't have money, so I use to find skin demos that I could hide markers mark under clothing and whatnot. HEHE! The ghetto things use new designers have to do.

Then Cherelle got me Photoshop. And I learned how to make my own hair textures. Man I was able to have awesome colours!

Learned a bit more on ps, and cleaned up the look a bit, and figured out how to take better quality pics on sl.

Now this is my first hair that I really loved to bits, and still do. It's also my best seller. Now if ever you were to inspect it, most pieces would say they aren't mine. I used pieces from my kit for this, tho the design was all me. I really hadn't known about inspecting shit and ip rights and whatnot. And now it would just be too much a pain to redo it. It's one of my super primmed ones, so I just deal.

I always loved the red and green in this.

Looks like I have chest hair.
The newest style of ad. I have been fairly happy with what I have going on, and you know what, that's all that really matters. At one point in time, I was happy with all my creations and ads. We all grow, or you would hope so, and learn, evolve. That's what sl is all about.

I now sometimes put a background, but still am partial to my white! I like the glow of it, have no clue as to why. Don't like it, then lick my left . . . .

Oh right, so to all you new designers, don't let your dreams die, and remember, there is that one thing you might just be super awesometastical at, you just got to find it. See, I'm horrible at clothing :(
So ya I'd have to say this is my one big uber funny attempt at making clothing.

The Stringer Mausoleum Vanity dress---with pose and mirror included!

There are only like 12 of these babies on the grid! Made this almost a year ago. First try at clothing. Was not happy with the quality, so I gave up. But even I learned some new skills, and now a year later who knows what I can do!

Who knows what you can do, only you, but you got to try at least.


Cherelle Capra said...

You finally did it! The post you wanted to offer showing your progression and giving new designers a boost of inspiration, hope, and tips! Awesome.

Helena Stringer said...

Ya well I got a little push from a friend.But it all worked out, it's funny looking back, but also cool, you forget sometimes.

Ruina Kessel said...

I love the progression of pics! It's so interesting to see how artists grow in their work. It's something I've always liked to see. :)

Helena Stringer said...

Ya I always wanted to do it, jsut needed a little motivation. =)