Monday, June 8, 2009

Ivalde/L'Abel part 2

Part 1 is here:

It tells you the tale of my first metting Nef, and what she has done for me over the last year.

Story 2

Ivalde-Where it all began

This is my oldest Ivalde outfit, and my very First I had ever bought. It wasn't much, I remember, I think it was something like L$10. I rezzed inworld Jan. 25th, 2007. I didn't find Ivalde until December of 2007. That was like a whole year! I was a noob looking avi for most of that year too. I had just opened my little 35 prim shop, in Nov. of 2007. Just weeks before finding Nef's store. Cherelle(my RL sis), had told me about Ivalde, and then we found out about the Advent. Couldn't be a better way to get me out of noobdom.

There was many store ads I did with the advent dresses. I didn't have a pro account, so my I basically had some of the L$300 my sis had given me. I had to stretch that shit, so Ivalde was a godsend.

Bonnie is of course the thing I bought up. It had Skulls! What could a girl like me do? It even came with Prims for the legs of the jeans, so ahead of the times. This was back before sculpties took over the sl world.

These next few dresses are the newest in my collection. I had to show one of L'Abel's opening gifts, this dress below. I freaked when I saw it. So one of my RL favvy colours I wear!


The story behind the next dress is funny. Nef knew my sis before me, and they sometimes have chats about this and that, normally a love of design, mainly my sister's furniture designs, which tend to be done in a period Nef enjoys. Nef knew my sis was bummed that as a Furniture Designer in SL she doesn't get as much perks as I might. I'd get this or that from one designer or another, and all she'd get would be people wanting her textures.

Nef had always been good, to send Cherelle this new dress or that one. Cher has the type of avi that works so well with Nef's works.

So Nef sends me these dresses. Tells me to throw them on. And parade around in front of Cher. So Cher starts whining. Nef proceeds to send Cher the dresses, stating that we were just playing with her, Hehe, Nef does have a devious side from time to time, you can tell from her lip ring collection.

This dress comes with a Belt that colourchanges a wack of different ways.


One day Beulah, one of Nef's top models, Im's me, saying Nef was going to send me something, wanted to make sure I was online. I was like ermmm ya I'm here. While thinking in my head, oh no, what are they up to.

I get this lovely dress. The explanation for the James Bond IM? They wanted to see what I could come up with for modeling this thing. I totally Demoned it out with tongue, horns and everything!

L'Abel-Acedia Black

Since this is just about Ivalde/L'Abel, all you need is the link to get there. Enjoy starting a new adventure!