Thursday, November 13, 2008

Great Shoes at budget price! Part1

I bring you shoes!

One thing I wanted to do, because well, I end up helping alot of noobs, and shoes are the number 2 most sot after items. What is #1 you ask? Hair of course silly!

Well I have decided, that on wednesdays I'm going to feature "budget items" not always freebies or dollarbies, tho they will be included as well. I know today isn't humpday, but my computer decided to go wonky last night, so here we are thursday morning! With SHOES!

This is my first time really showcasing shoes, since I don't make them. Lets just say it was a challenge, I have lots to learn about taking pics in them, and my ankles are horrible. That being said, lets get on with the show!

This set is from Unique Needs, Ann Otoole just redid the store, but has kept these babies and other goodies out. The shoes have colourchange scripts, and the script works indipendently, so you can have each shoe a different colour. There are 66 to choose from!

*UN!* Basic Stilletto Pumps - 66 colors-L$0

This set is getting blogged alot, but I still hear people going "oh where did you get your shoes from?". These are from Truth. They also have some very unflattering hair for L$1 on the other side of the store(just kidding, the hair is great---> even has a mohawk pack!)

You get all 8 sets, I just mixed them all up!

TRUTH FREE Balmoral Pumps-L$0

I got these from the Tesla lucky chair. I had actually bought this set way back whe, it was one of my first shoe purchuses ever(well sculptie ones). You get 6 colours, then the uber special plaid colour! You might have to wait for your letter, but come on, 7 pairs of shoes? do you need to even think about that? There is also anoter lucky chair with really nice red mary janes. Based off the Elise2 set, these babies are hot. Sadly after months being out, I still haven't had the luck of my letter coming up, but you can see the black pair in one of Ruina's past posts which is on the wall by the chairs with other free stuff.

Elise2-Mary Jane Heels-Black-L$0
Elise2-Mary Jane Heels-Red-lucky chair
Jane Shoes-7 pairs-lucky chair

***Special BONUS***

I have 10 single pairs of the shoes pictured above, the first ten people to write a comment on this post will get a pair. It's first come first serve for colours. And no, bloggers and models can't get them! Your on here all the time guys! So it's a public only gifty!

SKGShoes is another place that I go to for shoes. They have offers of the week(that don't really change that much anymore, but what can you do) and a few basic freebies. The shoes here are well made, and there are always nifty hint o how to make things look better with your sl viewer.

I am only showing you 3 pairs, but there are 8 in total to be found.

Natasha Demi d'Orsay-Zebra-L$5
Katia Demi d'Orsay Wedges-Zebra-L$5
Almost free opentoe Pumps-white-L$1
Almost free peeptoe Pumps-white-L$1
Almost free Pumps-white-L$1
Freebie Amanda pumps-white-L$1
Dark Blue Peep-Toe pumps-L$0
Dark Blue think sole slides-L$0

People always say the big designers never put out freebies(which is a bunch of bull if you ask me!). Well here are the goods from 2 of the biggest most sot after shoe desingers.

Maitreya Freebie - Limelights Zebra-L$0
Maitreya Free Slinky Stilettos-L$0

(Shiny Things) Freebie Painter Shoes-L$0(unisex so guys can grab these up too!)

I saw a post on this store recently with super cute winter fluff dresses. Well don't you know, there was shoes too!


Katat0nik gets alot of play, but we get so spoiled, so how can we not post it! The above is a set of nekoish legwarmer boots---->you get all the colours in the pack.

And for these, the boots are a reg all time freebie, it's been there since opening. The maryjanes, I don't know how long they will be out, but there is a cute dress to match, for free or L$1, can't remember. And the witchy boots, they are from the ghost hunt, now as of yesterday, the ghost was still there, even tho the hunt has long since ended. So hurry on over. There is alot of other fashion oriented gifts. Also lucky chairs!

*katat0nik* (red/white/blue stripe) Bowie Mary Janes-L$5
*katat0nik* (black) Ruffle Witch Shoe-L$0
Axis Mundi Sculpted Boots by Katat0nikL$1
Axis Mundi (fatpack - 7 colors) Legwarmer Boots by Katat0nik-L$0

So hopefully that helps you all get a little more love for you feet here in sl. And to buy them all, it was only L$25, not bad eh?


Beulah said...

what a great post - wish ther was this much help when i started lol
loved reading this

Helena Stringer said...

Yes me too! I'm going to try hard to help out the new peoples in sl. I alwasy do!

Ruina Kessel said...


And you're such a sweetheart, Helena. It's inspiring :)

Helena Stringer said...

Well I try do what I can that is within my powers. Thats all anyone can ask for.

Cherelle Capra said...

OMG sis, one of my ultra favourite categories! If people were to ever witness my shoe fetish inventory, they would pass out or die.....or run to the stores and get some!

Cherelle Capra said...

Great post and good way of depicting the shoes by the way. Cheers!