Saturday, November 8, 2008

Model 002: Punk Prom

Greetings again my lovelies!

So part of what got me writing on this blog was this flickr post I did, in which I showcased an outfit that I in fact modeled *at* Stringer's store. I want to keep up the project and I think doing it here is the perfect place. So that's why this is number 2!

I was feeling a little punky, and a little like wearing some unusual colors, and also breaking out some stuff that I don't typically wear. And voila! This is what I got!

Let's start with the stuff you can find at The Stringer HQ ...

This is Kyphotic. She's an unusual breed of hair, with something of the prim and proper to her and yet a wild streak that definitely implies she's a bit untamed. She's shown here in the color "Plumberry" from Stringer's Cherberry color pack.

Here's a great closeup of the eyes I'm wearing - Stringer's Vivid in blueygreen. I love how bright all of her eyes are, and these are no exception.

I'm also wearing one of Stringer's wonderful skins, "Harley Doll Crying Girl" in the blue lip variety. This is one skin you don't need any extra lashes with because she's got them nice and thick here. It comes in several colors of lips and is mucho fun, particularly with punk and lolita styles. You can pick up your own copy at Stringer's Skin Store.

My interesting clothing choices start here ...

The fishnet over shirt I'm wearing is one of those indispensable clothing items that you can wear with SO many things and it can make something look sexy, slinky, or fully of attitude. I picked it up from Sn@tch, I believe in a 'fishnet pack'. I also picked up these awesome fingerless gloves while I was there. They come in a pack called "Finga-less Gloves" (haha, what else?) and are also one of those indispensible items. The ones I've got on with this outfit are the black ones.

The corset I'm wearing is called "Margo" in sage green from A Piece of Candy and has a really lovely brocade-and-lace feel to the texture. It comes in many colors and each are only 1L! You can find it in the 1L loft at the back of the store. The skirt is also from A Piece of Candy, this time from a dress set called "Novak". The whole dress is quite pretty, but it's cool that the skirt can be used on it's own!

That's it for this time around, but I'll be back soon! <3


Helena Stringer said...

wootwoo! I was getting ready to do a post, the blog has been lonely! I got more people coming on soon. Just have to teach them how to blog first! hehe!

Great colours, thats the one thing about my stuff, I try to encourage people to go beyand the norm, and enjoy something different.And have tried to make a colour for everything! hehe!

Belochka Shostakovich said...

Thank you Ruina! :D I was just searching for a fishnet top today and I checked your post after remembering your stand out outfit.

Ruina Kessel said...

@ Helena: I think you do a great job of showing people how cool it is to be color-brave. It's one of the things I totally love about your style :)

@ Belochka: Awesome! So glad someone got some use out of it! If you want a variety of fishnet/mesh, try looking into Sheer, and eXcess. They have some interesting sheer/mesh kind of stuff too.