Saturday, January 31, 2009

Same Damn Thing . . . AGAIN!

I might have missed the day by about 20minutes my time, but I was really inspired by all the posts.

I took up Achariya's Blogger Challenge. After reading the repost, with all the different bloggers participating, I knew this was right up my ally.

What if we all wore the same damn thing?

SL is my place to imagine. That doesn't always mean being original in everything. What it does mean is doing ordinary things in a different way. Your way, who ever you may be.

I'm not a blogger by any means, well not a fashion blogger at least. Or I don't see myself as one. And by the notes and emails, others think the same. They say I and others pass things like this blog off as a way to advertise, and that I'm just "Pretending" to be cool. Well the whole aim for this blog was for my models, friends and I to show how we wear my products. Seeing as I only ever were my own hair, my models are paid to wear my products, and my friends like my shit, it made sense.

I do wear items that may come from a certain store in every post. Not the same item, but same store. I may even be friends with that person. There is no shame to show love for something, or be proud of a fellow designer.

Most days I could care less if I see someone wearing what I'm wearing. If anything it means that item that some designer lovingly built, textured, made is something that was enjoyable en mass. We would not be designers otherwise. Cherelle and I go shopping together some days, or send each other to places, so I know more then one person has what I got, and I can tell that too with people buying my products. If this wasn't the way of sl, there wouldn't be those nifty boxes in edit mode that say copy/contents or original. Everything would be set to original. But there would be alot of unhappy peeps, and insomniac designers.

The way we use a piece tells a bit about ourselves, it's like the body language in rl. We can't really count ao's in the same respect, so how people dress and carry themselves, and in conversation and deeds will tell you more about who they really are. This applies event to Roleplay. When I use to RP before I was a designer, I still acted like me, I just happen to wear tentacles and hooves, while my home is in space. I realize this does not apply to all. Some try and run and hide, but you still can get a snippet here or there thru the way they project themselves.

We all make mistakes, we all are human behind these screens. We need, want, wish and hope.

So I wear the same damn thing as everyone else, but I do it as plain old me. Who gives a fuck what others think?

What started it all off:

Shirt-{Gisaci}-Cambridge Cuffed Shirt-Aqua Afrillia-L$250 (This line is a label under a label-Armidi, so don't go looking in the Armidi shops, it's in the Gisaci one at the top of the stairs to the right)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Future's So Bright ...

... I gotta wear shades!

Helena Stringer, hair maker extraordinaire, threw the most awesome rezday party for herself and her sister on Wednesday. I was honored to be her hostess and we had a blast! The theme was "Cyber 80s" so I did my best to show my party spirit!


Spikey Space Punk hair, Black/Blue Tipped
by Helena Stringer of Stringer Mausoleum & Shrine

Galaxies Hydra Skin (makeup 02)
by [42]

Cyber 80s Visor
by Cherelle Capra of C&D Designs (unreleased)

Plasma jewelry set
by Tekeli-li! Dark Artistry

Tactical Black Suit, Blue
by ELSEwear

Armor Type C: Plasma Cell Energies

Cybergurlz boots in black special
by Paradox

Uninspired Fashion Poses
by Dorcus

(SL is sucking balls at the moment, so I'll come back and link up the missing links and fix broken ones when it'll let me grab the slurls. Thanks for patience!)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

His Royal Mistress

I was born in 1757 and orphaned shortly thereafter, both of my parents having died from the pox. Brought to Versailles as a chambermaid, I was trained in the arts of service and etiquette, to tend to the needs of the future Dauphine. The King, Louis XV, took delights with me and often favored me to treats and special extensions that he forwent his own born. He remarked that I possessed a certain "Je ne sais quoi" that enraptured him, and assuredly one day I would hold captive the hearts of all who came into the folds of my beauty.

But in all my years surrounded by Courtiers and dashing your suitors, there was only heart I coveted, that of his son, Louis-Auguste. Through all the lavish celebrations in the Hall of Mirrors, the entreaties to dance from foreign Princes, the ever-flowing champagne and promises of finery from the Orient, I was still enraptured with Louis.

Louis and I used to chase each other around the Orangery in secret, stealing kisses from one another, and professing to love each other until our deaths. It was upon the eve of his father's death that Louis-Auguste ravaged me completely in those Orangery groves, all the while those annoying peacocks milled about. He swore in the moment of his release that I would forever be his Queen, not in title of course, but in his heart.

When that Austrian whore, Maria Antonia arrived in France to marry the Dauphin, I along with all the residents of Versailles immediately noticed the striking resemblance between us. The Courtiers swore I was the more remarkable, with my fiery eyes so blue that the Gods felt envy their skies were not as beautiful.

I was quickly ushered away under the cover of night at the Dauphine's orders, hoping that the King would soon forget me. I was married to a certain Compte du Ravissante. Thus I, Countess du Ravissante was born. My Louis married the whore when we were still but young adults, but never forgot his passion for me. Upon his coronation as King his first official act was to claim me as his official mistress. Thus, I became Madame du Ravissante, Official Royal Mistress to the King - no longer a mere chambermaid in service to the court. Now I was free to wander the corridors and passageways of the Palace of Versailles as I sought fit and to service only one member of the royal family, the King himself.

Maria Antonia, Marie Antoinette, as we French called her, was stricken with grief for many years as her womb refused to perform its only duty - to bear my beloved Louis an heir to the throne to France. Had only I been Queen, I would have born him ten sons in that time, in fact Louis and I did indeed bare three children of our own, but in secret. He tolerated the Queen only because of their marriage, but it was my body that he adored, that he worshipped, that he lived for. He likened her bed to that of a coffin, so cold and seemingly like death, that after reluctantly depositing his seed in her, he came running to our bed to remove all traces of her upon his flesh.

She found her only joys in parties and in fashion. The high fluffy powdered coiffures, 'Louis' high-heeled mules, jeweled encrusted necklaces, and tight fitting bodices so as to fluff out the bosom, those were devices I had been using to intrigue the King for years. And that whole affair with the necklace, which would ultimately be her undoing, was a gift from the King to me.

She deserved her fate, I say. All her parading around in opulence acting as though she had started the trends of the day when it was I who influenced the fashions of the times. She often reminded me of those annoying peacocks in the Orangery whom often disturbed Louis and I as we made love among the fountains and fruits.

It was no remorse of mine when the mobs stormed the Palace looking to carry her head off on a stake. How dare she order them to eat cake when they were starving. Actually, she never said that - it was I who spread the rumor, for cheap laughs, while she stammered and flustered about at the insinuations of her treason toward the French people. But you know how gossip spreads like wildfire with bored nobles in court and starving mobs in the streets. They beheaded her soon after, but not before the soldiers ripped my beloved Louis from my very arms while we were embraced. I ran down the stairs as they carried him off all the while trying to use my feminine ploys to gain his release. My efforts in vain, my Louis was stripped of his title and his head. Even as "Citizen Louis Capet", I loved him no less than I did when he was King Louis XVI.

I cried endless tears on the day he parted from this world, my eyes as red as the blood which flowed from his severed head after the guillotine's fatal blow. I dipped my handkerchief into his blood and mixed it with some of my own in remembrance of our love. I have carried this bloodied handkerchief on my person ever since, and in fact did wave it tauntingly in Marie-Antoinette's face before her beheading many months following his. But no tears did I shed for that whore, La Putain, Notre ReineChienne, Marie Antoinette.

Even now, in my old age, as I sit by the fire in my tiny salon by the Seine and gaze out the window across to the Place de La Concorde, I can still hear the cheers of the angry mobs as they ended the tyranny of the Nobility and laid her head to tumble through the streets of Paris. Having retired my services as Official Mistress to the King, I became a constant companion to a wealthy hero of the French Revolution and now spend my days in repose and reflection.

Until the day of my death, Louis-Auguste, King Louis XVI, Le Roi de France, Citizen Louis Capet will rest in my heart as my one true love and I, Sophie-Helene, Chambermaid to the Queen, Madame du Ravissante, Official Royal Mistress, and Seule Amour of the King, will remain ever faithful to our vows made those days long ago, in the Orangery of the Palace of Versailles.

*~* All photos were taken at : Palace of Versailles

His Royal Mistress wore :

** Hair : "Stained" in Razzerberry/Black Tip from Cherberry Tipped pack, L$225
** Eyes : solid blue eyes from solid eyes pack, L$80 for 11 colors
** Eye Lashes : "Stargazer" in pink, L$150 for 9 colors
Hair, Eyes, Eye Lashes by Helena Stringer of The Stringer Mausoleum and Shrine
The Stringer Mausoleum and Shrine

** Dress : Fall Collection Set 6, L$350, by Digit Darkes
Digit Darkes

** Shoes : Prima'Donna Hyper-Gems Heels, L$200
** Necklace : Rose Garden Heart necklace with Hyper-Gems, L$390
Shoes and Necklace by JD Hansen of JCNY Collection
JCNY Collection

** Skin : "Tart" in Ginger Tone by Launa Fauna of Chai Skins, L$250
Chai Skins Outlet

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sanu Bunnies!

I got hungry one day. Needed to go out and Hunt. What better event, then a item hunt, at a super cute sim. Lots of tasty morsels for me to look apon. I chose to wear something to not frighten the poor little creatures that were flitting out and about. This was my camo for the day.
I was able to find enough of one colour in my stash to make the look work. This Cupcakes top has the best pattern, matches my hair, and I was latter able to get it working with my leggings. The hair isn't out yet, so this is a bit of a teaser, but i did say I'd be doing that a bit, hehe.

I sercretly love bunnies. SHHHHHHH don't tell! These ones are great, and I love the . . . errrr . . . carrots. To go with the theme, I busted out some bunnie parts, tho my tail was missing, not enough attachement spots! =(
So the whole look pulled together, and I was able to catch and eat enough people . . . ummm . . . Carrots! Yes Carrots!

Want to fit in like a true Space Demon . . .ummm . . . Bunnie? Get the shlits Here:

Skin-Katat0nik-Snow Bunny Skin-Black-L$850
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-In the Rain Mohawk in Posionberry Tipped-WILL BE OUT SOON! such a tease =)
Eyes-Imperial Elegance-Now these were free, and there use to be a bunch of really nice skins and some other random stuffs. The store has changed, and it seems she just deals with poses now. I'll see if I can find more info.
Eyelashes-La Syphide-Natural prim lashes-L$0
Top-Cupcakes-Fun Tee-Flora-Deep Pink-L$35
Shorts-Random Inspirations-Frayed Denim Shorts-L$0 for 7 colours
Leggings-SN@TCH-Pink and Star Stripe-L$200 for 20 pairs
Shoes-ETD-Demi Trainers in Black-L$100
Ears-Katat0nik-Bunny Ears-L$200(Colour Change)
Whiskers-Liquor Pussy-they are in all the freebie Neko avi packs on the wall. I modded these a bit flipped them and shit =)
Bunnies on a rope(hehe)-Sanu-Bunneh Pride Set-L$175

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blogger Virgin

Yes, that's right, this is my first ever blog, be gentle! Oh and if it is crap...tell someone who cares!
So here we go....

Like many of us, my inventory over flows with many wonders that have long been forgotten, but there are some things from certain stores that seem to never get lost and are easily found like all my outfits from BareRose. This amazing outfit is called 'Studded Armor Lady' perfect for all you elven warriors or Chic's that just want to go out and kick some arse. June Dion is the incredible designer behind BareRose. Her outfits are remarkable as you can see and they wont leave you broke. This 10 piece outfit comes packaged with all these colours, purple, black, blue, green and red for L$150 and is also available in a men's version. They can be found in the fantasy section of BareRose HQ. My Stringer Mausoleum folder can also never be lost, it is just too big, it is so full of gorgeous hair styles and accessories that it is splitting at the seams.

This stunning and sleek long hair in black/purple tip is Yearly Sacrifice by the amazing Helena Stringer. Only a limited number of each colour pack is available and can only be bought through OnRez for L$225. You can head to The Stringer Mausoleum and click on the Yearly Sacrifice colour packs and it will take you directly to the OnRez page, then you can buy buy buy! These Luscious blue eyes are from SINdecade. They are called pulse eyes and are available in 9 colours. I am wearing the base set but each eye also comes as a body part, prim-based for a glow and pulse effect (not attached in pics)

How cool, and sexy is this hair, huh? Double Duster in Black tipped from the Blacks pack is unisex, so it looks fantastic on everyone. Ladies, did you read that? I said everyone! Break free from the norm, live a little in your secondlife, head to The Stringer Mausoleum and try out a mohawk, you will be pleasantly surprised. Girls in hawks are hot! Oh and the guys are damn hot too! Sword is from Ancient Knights Armory. It's an Avery Black one-handed sword and sheath ( L$250) and for you sword buffs, it's fast swing, medium damage with spell fire 4.0.
This outfit looks rather cheeky from arse looks quite cute from this angle...hehe. 'Studded Armor Lady' has gorgeous textures and highly detailed sculpted prims for the armor.

This is a very nice skin from Regrave, well detailed and is very pretty but is not good for a girl like me. You see, I'm a sucker for a damn good mohawk and I have fallen head over heels in love with Helena Stringer and her hawks. Unfortunately, this skin has a very visible join line that runs all the way around the face and is very noticeable when wearing mohawks.

Hair: Double Duster & Yearly Sacrifice from The Stringer Mausoleum
Outfit: Studded Armor Lady @ ::: BareRose :::
Skin: Leticia Skin night makeup-smoky($990) Redgrave
Eyes: Basic #6 Luscious blue ($90 per colour $210 for full set) SINdecade
Sword: Avery Black sword Ancient Knights Armory


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


In the land I call home, no one really expects any achievements during January.

Stringer 1

From Christmas until the 26th day of the year, the month is mostly written off.

Stringer 2

It's our time to party. It's too hot to focus on work anyway.

Stringer 4

There's 11 more months to knuckle down, to concentrate. To strive. To succeed, and hope to excel.

Stringer 5

Until that night when our sky explodes, no need to be a worker drone. Let's be dancers.

Stringer 3

Hair - Hazer in Grass from the Stringer Mausoleum
Headphones - FNKY!
Shirt - Crew Neck Basic from Armidi
Tattoo - Eowyn by Garden of Ku
Armwarmers - Chex by Action Surfwear (tinted)
Gloves - Sheer Fishnets by Rebel-X
Pants - Ravepants in Paint Spatter by Tokeo Plastik
Shoes - Pornstar Hi-Tops by UBU
Shot at Haze Club in Tunnel of Light


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snakes, Peacock Feathers...

throw in a freebie skin from Tuli (run out and get it ASAP, I don't know how long it will be available,) a dress from Nicky Ree, and me...and what do you have? Perfection!!! :)

^^It's just the best combo for something formal!
Dress @ Nicky Ree
Skin @ Tuli ~ Meredith post party all tones (FREEBIE! GET IT WHILE IT'S HOTTT!!!)
Hair @ *TSM*
Eyelashes @ *TSM*

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yes, I still post. Yes, it has been way too long. But, I've made a resolution to be more committed. :) Get ready for some major creative stuffs! LOL I'm completely setting myself up for disaster here!'s been cold, it's been nasty, but even with the troublesome weather, it has had its moments of beauty. For those of you who live in wintersome states, you understand the peace and magic of a fresh new snowfall. Those of you who don't, you need to experience it. There is a certain stillness in the air, a quiet that descends with every snowflake, and if it is a night snowfall, you can almost hear the snowflakes as they hit the earth. There really is nothing more beautiful about winter than the unique glitter that sits in your soul when you are in its presence. And the bitter cold? That comes and goes, but that's what friends are cuddle with by the light of a fire, to share hot chocolate with (dont' forget the marshmallows), and to be there to get through it...together :) It can be the harshest time of winter, but when you look past it, it can really be the most glorious.

^^I should probably put more clothes on as I walk around Oz (this will TP you to Stringer's store at Oz)...but, that would be no fun :)
skin ~ Peach-Urban Butterfly2 @ *TSM*
hair ~ Rocker @ *TSM*
top ~ Kyoot Army - Straight Jacket (I don't think it's available anymore :( )
pants ~ Boy Beater @ Sn@tch

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Darling Bride

I had just lost the love of my life, my darling bride, my elixir of spiritus sanctus and crooked proclivities to the fates. All I could do to keep from going insane was to sleep the sleep of no-awakening, as though in a coma I would lay in my vegetative state under the haze of slumber pills, hoping she would come to me in my dreams. And she did. Usually, she was cloaked in white with doves flying above her. But not on this night.

She was spectre-like from a bright orbish light, and sheathed in black. I could her the ruffle ruffle of her petticoats underneath her Lolita frock. Her velvet gloved hands beckoning to me. It wasn't the sirenesque melodies that I was accustomed to, my beloved had such a beautiful singing voice. No, this was more of a screeching cackling with a gurgle of sorts from deep within her throat. And I could smell decay all around me as she came closer still.

Her dance was snake-like, almost as though her body were only of fluid. It reminded me of those tribal fusion dancers we had seen together when we visited the Moravian coasts. She still held a power over me, even though something deep inside me told me to keep my arm's length.

With each rippling of her torso, she slithered closer still. Throwing her head back in reckless abandon, licking her lips, and smiling ever so sinisterly. I always loved the way her neck blushed when I looked upon her with my wanton eyes. And yet, it was not her neck that intrigued me. It was the incessant hissing that belabored my ears. It was then that I noticed the snakes, curling around her reddened locks. Slithering and rippling this way and that, and keeping their vigilant beady eyes upon me.

As paralyzed as I was by my fears, I could not resist her. The only love of my life, the woman who swore she would stay with me forever. She came back for me. As she approached my bed, I knew I would not, no matter how damned I would be, say no to her requests. Her skin, so white and piercing bright still glistened in the night. It took on almost a glow.

The clickety-clack of her stiletto heels upon the floor, grated upon my spine like metal ice picks. She never wore such mules in all the years we were together. She said it pained her arches. Yet here she was, floating so gracefully upon them now as though she wore born in them. Black they were, like the trails of tears that ran down her face. "Look into my eyes, my love," she hissed to me. Everything in my being was screaming for me to look away, but how could I not gaze into the beautiful eyes of my beloved? So slowly, ever so slowly, I raised my eyes to hers and in that moment I knew this was not my darling bride, my love...this was something from the depths of hell that had come for me. It was the Medusa!!! If I didn't look away, I would be doomed, never to see my true love ever again....look away! Look a.....

~ The Medusa Wears ~

~ Frock : GL Baby Rose by June Dion of Bare Rose L$135

~ Hair : Medusa in Rock Blood from The Rocker Pack with Scripted Snakes by Helena Stringer of The Stringer Mausoleum & Shrine L$275

~ Skin : Goth Skin by Anyusha Lilienthal of IBizarre L$100

~ Eyes : Cylon 02 Red of Cylon Eyes Pack Red by Ruina Kessel of The House of Ruin L$20

~ Shoes : Absence from The Caylla Shoe collection by Caylla Winnikow of **AMBRA** L$200


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fleur Demon

As I keep hinting, but really had yet to show, I'm a demon in sl. Tho I don't role play anymore, I still embrace that part of me. Once you choose your real form, even tho you may play with others, you can't go back to "normal" ever again. Demons are the most fun, at least my race. Being a tentacle space demon, we often have to travel to other places to find our food. For the powers within us, we do not get warm welcomes. This has caused us to evolve the ability to shape shift into the form of our different food source. Hence why I play human designer so well XP. It also means we have this nasty side effect of wanting to ever change. Most times we will seem more of a mash up of different things. I'll show you our true form some day down the road. for now, you get this to chew on. Does it scare you or do something else? hehe

Red is my second most fav colour in sl. I wear it alot. Naturally it goes well with black. OOOOO I'm all special and such, black and red who would have thought?

When deciding to do this post, I wanted to demonize one of the Fleur skins. As ever it's my duty as a fleur insider to show you the "different" side to Fleur. I simply took the new resident skin, and started from there. This skin is no ordinary "freebie" skin, plus the fact that everyone can enjoy it, it's not a scripted vendor where only "under 30 day" people can grab it. The other nice thing is you get all the vivant tones, so you can play around. The demony parts were a xmas gift to myself, for being the bad little demon throughout 2008. It was a challenge to show off this wondrous tat, yet have something covering my bits.

I needed some hair to really pull this together, and I chose one of my mens hairs again. Not much modding needed for this(must have done something right). The spikes are what I wanted, but the length is what I NEEDED!

To set off my mood, the eyes say it all. [][]House of Ruin[][] is the place to get all your demon eyes. They were not really made for that reason specifically, but Ill pimp them that way anyways. The colours of all of them, oh god I love colour! You could buy a few a week and collect them too, they are so reasonably priced. The quality is great, and they were imported at the right texture size so they always rez super fast when changing threw them(for the right shade of course).

The horns and tail aren't part of the hoof set, but I felt I could get away with it, I am a demon of course, try to tell me no! The horns have little smoke poofs that come out of them. The tail is scripted to lash, it is one of the best movement dealies I have ever seen. Other then when your in a region with 80 other people, the scripts have never lagged, so the movements are always so fluid. The detail on these as well at the hooves is something else. I have read the Beauty series by Anne Rice, when she was writing under her pen name, and that's what these hooves remind me of every time. That is a 3 part book set you must own, but don't let the kids get at them till they are older!

The Face piercings I made, back when I was in my sl punk stage. Now they just get randomly worn with whatever. Everyone needs that one good face piercing they can just throw on whenever. I was lucky enough to be able to make what I wanted =)

This wondrous tattoo is by Rezit Sideways of Designs of Darkness. I really did have to try to find something to wear so that I was almost naked. Trust me I normally am clothed, but this tat needed to be seen! She wants [Revenge] was the only place I could thing of that might have something I wanted. Plus I'm just really impressed by Revenge Gears attitude, she fucking swears in her group! Oops! and she is super generous. Also I have this thing with chic that have wicked sl names, right Rezzy?

So that was me living it up and scaring the people when out and about shopping that day. You want to live the demon life? Get the shit here PLEASE:

Skin-Fleur-Fleur Women's Newbie Skin in Almond-L$0 for 6 tones and a shape(everyone can get, not an under 30 days thing)
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum at Black Swan-Ribbons in Red Shine-L$200
Eyes-][][][House of Ruin][][][-Starry Eyes Royal-L$0
Eyelashes-Cybernetic-Eyelash type 1(ooo what a name!)-L$0
Bathing Suit-She Wants [Revenge]-xxx black outfit-L$150
Hooves-Stygian-Blood Red Leather Pony Tack-L$600(both hand and foot attachments)
Horns-Stygian-Tech Fiend's Horns-L$100
Tail-Stygian-Tech Fiend's Tendril-L$100
Facial Piercings-The Stringer Mausoleum-Full Facial-L$120

Friday, January 2, 2009

Fleur New Years Pinup


Fleur is having this lovely contest till the 6th check it out HERE!

As a Fleur Insider, it is part of my duty to show off all things Fleur. This I do with love, even tho you may want to see me in another skin from time to time. I have a few surprises up my sleeves for the next week, so keep a look out.

The basic point to the contest is to wear some shade of the newly re-released Fleur gloves, and show how they could help you bring in the new year. As I am always working, I went with a working gril costume of sorts. I'm also wearing a skin from Fleur. Ya thats right it's Fleur! This is one of the Drow skins they have. There are a few different special kinds of skin here at Fleur, it's not just for those glammed Chics. Of course out of the 3 makeups available per drow one, I had to get the one with the spiders on it. I really should have worn my pets too, but it somehow slipped my mind.

I topped my head with Assassin. Now this is a rather normal hair, that has been getting alot of play. In my defence I'll say that it is great for headpieces. I had another hair I would have worn, but was having alpha conflict with these lashes of mine.

A showgirl at heart, no matter what the package.

Sporting a bit of Blacklace that I got on sale way back when. Don't have anyone to wear this shit for, but knew it would come in handy some day!

A closeup, to see the wondrous spider web skin feature, lovely eyes and those wickedly lush lashes.
Do you want it? Do you do you? Can't have it! Kidding, here you go:

Skin-Fleur-Vivant Drow Light 1-L$500
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Assasin in Ashes from the Blacks pack-L$175
Eyes-The Stringer Mausoleum-Festival-Burst-L$30
Eyelashes-The Stringer Mausoleum-Lush Lashes-Coloured pack-L$150
Showgirl outfit parts-Digital Eyes-Showgirl Black-L$300
Corset-Blacklace-Kiss of Seduction Line: Purple & Black Corset Set-L198
Undies-eLDee-Atoll undies-L$0
Gloves-Fleur-Lilac Gloves-L$100
Necklace-Digital Knickers-Black Diamond Trinity-L$0
Earrings-Miriel-Casual Pearls Jewelry-L$0
Ballet Boots-The Dominatrix Shop-DXD Ballet Boots Calf Rear Lace V2-L$400

New Years Eve Babe

So I decided to make a skin for a gift for New Years Eve. I did this last year and wanted to remake the old one, then decided to preview another set of skins soon to be out. Man how our minds change. It was going to just be one skin, one makeup. but then it turned into 2 skin tones with 3 makeups each. So I had 2 outfits for the day!

Here I am doubled, oooo too much Helena, is there such a thing? I wanted to wear a hawk, I has steered away from them this holiday season, and have missed them so. I simply modded my Crystaline Hawk which is mansized. Just a bit of tweaking! And for my other look I went for my almost new doo BAM! That's the name I swear it! BAM! The skins are part of my new Deep line. 2 of the tones out of 14.

I'm normally not one for pink, ANYTHING! Maybe lipgloss, but that's where I try to keep the line. Well I fell in love with a little store called Deviance way back when we had a surprise party for Winter Jefferson's RL birthday party held in sl. We had to wear this playboy type bunny outfit from there. So naturally I went there to check the darn thing out and see what a demon could do, dressed up as a bunny. At least there were a bunch of colours! You can view my Demon Bunny HERE! You can't really see my tentacles but I swear they are there.

I decided that the new gowns from Deviance were the thing to wear this New Years Eve. I picked the 2 I thought would go best with my skins. Love all dresses from here. They take no modding at all, it's like my shape was stolen. Copybot anyone?

I thought these outfits deserved to be shown on location. I chose The Tunnel of Light, since it has light bursting all over. Seemed very New Years Eve appropriate.

Sparkle Celebration

The Goods:

Skin-The Stringer Mausoleum-Deep Skins-c9-New years Eve-Pink-L$1 for a set of 6 in 2 tones/3 makeups(in limited New Years Eve Pack)
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum at Magic of Oz-Crystaline in Volcanic Rose-L$125
Eyes-The Stringer Mausoleum-Robotica-Night Surfer-L$30(but you can get it in the limited New Years Eve Pack for L$1)
Eyelashes-The Stringer Mausoleum-Real Primmed Lashes-KILLER-BLACK/PINK WITH GLOW-L$300
Dress-Deviance-Evening Splendor Gown (Pink)-L$350
Shoes-Truth-Balmoral pumps-L$0 for a set of 8 colours
Ear Threaders-Battle Fairy-Sorias Star Threaders Pewter-L$50
Necklace-Alienbear Designs-Members Gift-L$0

Time Again

The Goods:

Skin-The Stringer Mausoleum-Deep Skins-c14-New years Eve-White-L$1 for a set of 6 in 2 tones/3 makeups(in limited New Years Eve Pack)
Hair-The Stringer Shrine at Ivalde-BAM! in Sliver from the Whites pack-L$175
Eyes-The Stringer Mausoleum-Robotica-Night Surfer-L$30(but you can get it in the limited New Years Eve Pack for L$1)
Eyelashes-The Stringer Mausoleum-Real Primmed Lashes-KILLER-BLACK/WHITE WITH GLOW-L$300
Dress-Deviance-Evening Majesty Gown (BlueGreen)-L$400
Shoes-Truth-Balmoral pumps-L$0 for a set of 8 colours
Ear Threaders-Battle Fairy-Sorias Star Threaders Pewter-L$50
Necklace-Alienbear Designs-Members Gift-L$0

I'll have the gift out till sunday sometime, so get it while you can!