Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Taking the law...

into her own hands.
It's time to fight back!

In certain extreme situations,
The law is inadequate.
In order to shame its inadequacy,
It is necessary to act outside the law.
To pursuit...natural justice.

This is not vengeance.
Revenge is not a valid motive,
it's an emotional response.
No...not vengeance...punishment!

Those that do evil to others in SL,
like thieves that copy and steal others designs,
the unwarranted grievers,
and those hasty to judge others by their appearance.

You will all come to know me well.
The friendly, carefree LeahJane is dead.
Call me...the Punisher.

TSM: Hair - Allegory Snow tipped (Monochrome pack)
Tuli: Skin - Hope Ivory pris (Group gift)
Poetic Colour: Eyes - Easter Lilac (past freebie)
iN::After Earth: Tatt - Champion's trophy
Twisted & Spoiled: Outfit - Renegade in black (includes gloves, collar and leg bands)
Newman's group: Shot gun
Monogrind: Toxic waste shoes (Unisex)
Little Britain Designs: Piercings - Skull set (Past hunt gift)
Sn@tch: Evil skull belly ring
Location: Outskirts of Akeyo Main store
*Words taken from 'The Punisher Movie'

Friday, November 13, 2009

To Write Love On Her Arms

I was pleasantly surprised today to see a folder sent by my buddy Evangeline Schism.

What could this be? I wondered.

Then I started to read.

Direct Copy Past from her notecard:


We inturupt your regular Schismphrenic newsletter to bring you this special Public Awareness Message.


-121 million people worldwide suffer from depression. (The World Health Organization)

-18 million of these cases are happening in the United States. (The National Institute of Mental Health)

-Between 20% and 50% of children and teens struggling with depression have a family history of this struggle and the offspring of depressed parents are more than three times as likely to suffer from depression. (U.S. Surgeon General's Survey, 1999)

-Depression often co-occurs with anxiety disorders and substance abuse, with 30 percent of teens with depression also developing a substance abuse problem. (NIMH)

-2/3 of those suffering from depression never seek treatment.

Untreated depression is the number one cause of suicide, and suicide is the third leading cause of death among teenagers. (NIMH)

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that each year approximately one million people die from suicide, which represents a global mortality rate of 16 people per 100,000 or one death every 40 seconds. It is predicted that by 2020 the rate of death will increase to one every 20 seconds.

Hello Schismphreaks,

Today, November 13th, has been declared "To Write Love On Her Arms" day. A day to write love, or any other message of humanity on your arms, or any other part of your body in support and awareness to stop self harm, and suicide.

To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) is a movement that started with one person watching another person destroy themselves slowly, and having the guts and the compassion to step in. The girl who inspired the movement is still alive today, thanks to that one person.

You may be asking, why does this matter? This is SL. It matters, because there are people behind these avatars. No matter how many alts you have for whatever purpose, YOU are behind them.

I've been wanting to do something in SL with the TWLOHA movement for a while, but didnt know where to start. Yesterday, while reading some of my favorite blogs (Fab Free, Free*Style) I saw something that truly moved me.

On Free*Style I read the words of my friend Sileny, saying how glad she was that Pididdle was doing something to support and show awareness to this day and movement.

On Fab Free, I read the words of Whisper Swansong, and it echoed a "coming out" of sorts, talking about her experience with Self Harm, and suicide. Reading the comments of the readers, and everyone sort of doing the same in turn, did more than make me smile. It motivated me.

So, at the store you will find an ad on the wall, in the tattoo section. It's a completely free tattoo, simply "Love" in my favorite font, with some stars around it. Why stars? I've noticed every single T-shirt TWLOHA has ever made includes stars in the design.

Inside the folder you receive, you will get the tattoo (which is on both arms, because of SL...), and a notecard telling MY story, and why I stopped everything last night and made these tattoos.

<3 With Love, Evangeline Schism" This was just one notecard in the package, the other was much more personal. I'd put it here too, but I want to tell my own story. I'll be having her info and Gift, a lovely tattoo set, which I am wearing in these pictures, at my store inworld, or you can go to her store, and get it straight from the source. I sadly had heard nothing about this, until today, just minutes ago, so I have nothing to give you myself, to spread the word, other then my own stories.

I'm 26 years old. I have lived thru many things, like many other people in the world. Someday I might tell my whole story. This is just one part of many I could tell you.

I was given a sense of duty by my adoptive mother, to join into the canadian armed forces. Much of her family did their duty to our country, if only for a little while. I joined army cadets at the young age of 11, tho they normally don't take on cadets till they are 12. I learned many things, and was part of a great corps.

Now being female and in something like this, I was one of 4 girls out of a corps of 250 souls. Cadets really isn't much different then being in the actual army. You'd think it would be, cause we are just kids right? there were certain things we were not permitted to do. I couldn't drive the tanks till I was 16. *Big unhappy face*

Well over the years, we gained a few more girls. We tended to be a very close group, even taking time out of cadets to do random girl stuff. On the days we trained, which was 2 times a week and every other weekend, we had to be hardened little warriors, often working 4 times as hard as the males, just to prove we were their equals and in all cases their betters. We climbed ranks very fast.

As we grew into teens we each started to gain more personality. Some of the girls started to show signs of preferring the same sex for their personal pleasures. This never bothered me, even when doing camping exercises. We may all be thrown in one tent, but these were my friends, I grew up with these people, knew all their secrets.

The army isn't some guys fantasy where we are all gay and have crazy girl orgies after getting off the battlefield.

The guys did start to notice how some of the girls were. Guys being guys, they think themselves very attractive and all women must love them even army brats. Rejection isn't handled well, specially when they are tough army dudes.

Many of us went into the militia upon turning 17. 7 of us girls got thru our boot camp together.

It's amazing how things spread, between bases, how simple comments turn into big huge ordeals.

At 18 I already had my own troop. I was always defending my girls. It got tiring. Most of the girls started getting depressed, constantly badgered about their choice of sexual partners. The funniest thing is, they never dated anyone in the army. When you work all day, training to be a warrior, why would you go home to a warrior? you want someone soft and loving, not achy and exhausted from the days exercises.

My friend Larson was the first to go. She hung herself on a tree behind our barracks during a training exercise trip. My friend Terra followed a year later, having been raped by a man and not being able to deal with the fact that she was a woman, and she could still do nothing to protect herself, even after all her training. She left in a sea of red waters. I lost 1 other women from my troop, due to a training exercise gone wrong, where she ended up being sexually harassed. Even after the men had gone to jail, she just could not deal with what had happened and shot herself in the head with her army issued sidearm.

While I was in the Militia, there were 9 cases of suicide in my corps.

Now this is just a story of that aspect of my life. I have been touched by others this way, thru school, friends, and even a father of one of my friends, who just could not go on.

My own girlfriend of 13 years, had almost given up on life, just a few years ago. She is the one story that turned out right.

I don't want people to lose hope because of this story. I want people to see the errors we sometimes make, that influence these people's decisions.

Love, acceptance, adoration, a sense of duty. These are all things we want in life. When one of those things is battered on by someone, specially someone you look up to, it can make things seem not worth it.

Some people can go beyond, and just keep living. I don't know how many times I've heard "oh it's the cowards way out, they wanted attention, they didn't deserve to live if they couldn't deal with such a simple thing".

Things effect people in different ways. You can't know what you'd feel like until you place yourself in their position. Have you ever been raped? Has someone ever stripped you down to nothing and made you run back to base in no clothing? Have you ever been called a Clitwhore, just because you like the company of women more then men?

It's time to stop being so silly to others of your race. Fuck, there is enough women to keep the world going, who cares if some of them like other women?

It's time to talk, and time to listen.

Get your package to support us this day:

The Stringer Mausoleum

Monday, November 9, 2009

Deviant to the end

So I'm not dying, yet.

You still have to deal with me.

I'm still going to bug you, from time to time.

I've been in a mod of dark dark skins lately. House of Ruin had these out for gifts in my annual Halloween hunt. I'm sure you'll be able to buy them at some point. This colour was just dreamy.

I totally missed all the halloween awesomeness this year, due to my sickness. So I said fuck it, I'm not going to get into xmas, I'm doing halloween all the way into the new year. That should make up for missing a few weeks eh? So here is my wonderful wormy goodie from Sanu.

Deviance is the best place to get your year round costume needs. Here I'm wearing the newest creation to the line, this wonderful Witchy outfit. Surreal sent this over to me, and I'm normally online to say thanks, but I suck and was sick, so I figured I'd blog it to make up for not gushing all over her feet. Oh and the darling knows I love green and sends me green all the time. Got to love that! I just happened to have the perfect green shade in my new colour collection to match, so I threw on Manes of Glory to spike my look out.

The best part about Deviance is the quality. It is awesome zoomed right in, and you get so many options. Baiscally every layer possible in every piece. Also Surreal happens to be almost the same size as me, so I really don't have to resize much, it's bliss.

I'd hardly be me nowadays without my House of Ruin eyes. These were also in said hunt. I had to wear them cause they had Witch in the title. No other reason, hehe.

Now I wouldn't be Helena if I dind't have something on for free. These boots were a group gift from Maitreya.

This next outfit I wore to Ruina's Store anniversary party. I was going to go as a scarey pink poof dust bunnah type thing, but then I was like oooo Bloodrayne. She is the hottest Game Character ever. MMMMMM.

I took these shots at Groll's Inn. There is alot of different areas to play in, and most everything you come apon is buyale, but luckily isn't plastered with signage.

You want it all don't you?

Deviance Outfit #1

Skin-House of Ruin-Lethean Dusk Ritual-Hunt Gift
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Manes of Glory in Black Tipped #5-L$300
Eyes-House of Ruin-Plasmid in S.E. Black Witch-Hunt Gift
Lashes-Store no longer around
Outfit-Deviance-Bewitching in green-L$350
Boots-Maitreya-SoHo Boots-Group gift
Wormy-Sanu-Gummy Worm Fruity 3-L$15

Deviance Outfit #2

Skin-Exodi-Lily Vamped in Cold Blood-Hunt Gift
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Sacrifice in S.E. Nightshine Red-Can get thru the Stringer Trading Card Program
Eyes-House of Ruin-Plasmid in S.E. Ivy-Group Gift
Lashes-La Sylphide-Natural Lashes-L$0
Outfit-Deviance-Bloodrayne-L$ 350
Blades-Rush Designs-RayneBlades(My first big buy ever! way back when I was a noob)-L$650

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A few of my Favorite Things

SSS: Favorite Things 04

So, I've been working my butt off trying to finish up a new release, and it's coming along nicely. But sometimes I just have to take a break. And a new release from one of my favorite designers came along and gave me the excuse I needed. :D

My boots, let me show you them!

SSS: Favorite Things 03

These gorgeous things are by Erpla Prieto, the creator behind Periquita Shoes. I've loved her shoes forever, but there is a special place in my heart for BOOTS and these are the first full boots she made. I love them! They come with a nifty HUD that lets you change allll sorts of textures - the trim, the sole, the main shoe ... there's even these really adorable little bows on the toes that you can have show in a bunch of different colors ... or not! I picked colors to match the dress, but there's a whole bunch others, all pretty. But don't take my word for it - take this TAXI and go check out her demos for yourself.

I'm ALSO wearing the awesomest socks ever, "Stripey Socks" by Paisley Mizin of Sock Shop. You see, I LOVE socks, both real life and SL. So when I found Paisley's shop I kinda freaked out and bought most of them. And there's a LOT of them. They're all funky and colorful and full of win, so go check em out! At 30L a pop, I think you can afford some new socks!

Moving up ...

SSS: Favorite Things 05

This dress kicks ass and takes names, and miss Stringer made it. AND it's FREE - it's the Stringer Mausoleum's Macabre Hunt gift! Hurry and go pick it up, though - the hunt ends on the 6th of October!

I'm also wearing one of the fabulous skins by one of my good friends, Evangeline Schism of SchismPhrenic.

SSS: Favorite Things 01

She makes some of the best Eloh Elliot and Sezmra mods on the grid, in my opinion. You know, it's actually kind of hard to find well done skins, mods or not, that aren't just "normal" (and, frankly, kind of bland in the makeup department). Although this one I've got on, "The Devil Wears Python", is one of her more tame ones, she's got plenty more at her store that are a bit more funky :)

I'm also wearing one of my own Plasmid eyes "Honey" - it's still available at my shop FOR FREE with a couple other Plasmid eyes (there's a whole other pack of them in my SL group too). I'm pretty happy with them ... enough so that I may even make a whole line from them, so keep your eyes peeled for that sometime down the line. :)

And last, but never ever least - my favoritest hair of all time -

SSS: Favorite Things 02

"Ruina v.1" ... yes, you read that right - it's named after me, so neener neener ;P. It's actually the hair style of a character of mine, and I found that I couldn't find anything like it on the grid. So I had a pow-wow with Helena and she used her magic and whipped up this beauty. It was love at first sight for me - chances are good if you run into me, I'll be wearing it. You know you want it too - go pick it up here :)

(All poses by Long Awkward Pose, backgound texture by Distressed Textures ... a few more of my favorite things ;D)

Friday, August 14, 2009

We Interrupt Your Regular Scheduled Programming ...

... for PANTS.

Suddenly Seeking Stringer: PANTS!

Yes, that's right, I've risen from the grave to talk to you about pants.

Suddenly Seeking Stringer: PANTS!

And not just any pants. These are the best damn jeans in SL.

Suddenly Seeking Stringer: PANTS!

Why are they the best? Because they are richly colored, funky, in your face, and effing sexy.

Stringer made them, naturally. ;)
And you can get them ->> HERE <<-

~ Ingredients ~
"Rockin' Vines" in royal purple/grass,
by Stringer

(1) "Disco Sheets" in peach
(2) "Trickster - Arcana" in peach/lg lips
(3) "Vengeance" in cream
by {Frick}

"Swimming Horses: Water Birth",
by EYeL@B! (hunt gift, no longer available)

sneak peak of horn project by House of Ruin

by Silver Wheel

Back Spikes:
by Stringer

"Fabrik Tape-X-Pasties" in dark red,
by Designs of Darkness

"The Human Code"
by Garden of Ku

Fingerless "Mr. Ghostie" gloves in yellow and purple
by Stringer

(1) "Infestation" in Pulse
(2) "Infestation" in Degree,
(3) "Infestation" in Ruins
by Stringer (see link above Ingredients)

"Battle Ready Boots"
by Gutterblood Spoonhammer
(I don't think these are available anywhere anymore)

(1) "Female Fashion Stand15" by 5ifth Order
(2) "Animal Pose 18" by Serenade
(3) "Female Fashion Stand09" by 5ifth Order

Kyoot Photosphere

Ruina ;)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Helena Stringer in Weird Science

It took a blogger challenge to get me to post, but it was such a good one I could not resist!

John Hughes has left us.

You've more then likely come across some of his work over your lifetime, but if now, visit here.

Weird Science-1985

Even tho I was like 2 when this came out, it has been one of my fav movies for a while. I remember my adoptive brother and I watching it with bras my adoptive dad stuck on our heads, mind you this was when I was much older, say 14.

hehe good times

Rest in Peace John, and make some angles blush


Skin-Rockberry-Uma in Tan tone
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Spikey Space Punk in Rock Sparkles
Eyes-Skin Within-Entice
Lashes-La Sylphide-Natural Prim Lashes
Top-Snatch-Shotgun Hoodie
Undie-Cupcakes-Catherine in Silver

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Death of the Winter King


Winter King


Winter King 2


Winter King 3


Winter King 4


Winter King 5



Twisted Love skin, Shadow Keeper Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum
Metamorphosis ensemble - Bare Rose Tokyo
Pics found uploaded onto Flickr long after I thought they were lost
Original words nowhere to be found

Monday, June 8, 2009

Ivalde/L'Abel part 2

Part 1 is here:

It tells you the tale of my first metting Nef, and what she has done for me over the last year.

Story 2

Ivalde-Where it all began

This is my oldest Ivalde outfit, and my very First I had ever bought. It wasn't much, I remember, I think it was something like L$10. I rezzed inworld Jan. 25th, 2007. I didn't find Ivalde until December of 2007. That was like a whole year! I was a noob looking avi for most of that year too. I had just opened my little 35 prim shop, in Nov. of 2007. Just weeks before finding Nef's store. Cherelle(my RL sis), had told me about Ivalde, and then we found out about the Advent. Couldn't be a better way to get me out of noobdom.

There was many store ads I did with the advent dresses. I didn't have a pro account, so my I basically had some of the L$300 my sis had given me. I had to stretch that shit, so Ivalde was a godsend.

Bonnie is of course the thing I bought up. It had Skulls! What could a girl like me do? It even came with Prims for the legs of the jeans, so ahead of the times. This was back before sculpties took over the sl world.

These next few dresses are the newest in my collection. I had to show one of L'Abel's opening gifts, this dress below. I freaked when I saw it. So one of my RL favvy colours I wear!


The story behind the next dress is funny. Nef knew my sis before me, and they sometimes have chats about this and that, normally a love of design, mainly my sister's furniture designs, which tend to be done in a period Nef enjoys. Nef knew my sis was bummed that as a Furniture Designer in SL she doesn't get as much perks as I might. I'd get this or that from one designer or another, and all she'd get would be people wanting her textures.

Nef had always been good, to send Cherelle this new dress or that one. Cher has the type of avi that works so well with Nef's works.

So Nef sends me these dresses. Tells me to throw them on. And parade around in front of Cher. So Cher starts whining. Nef proceeds to send Cher the dresses, stating that we were just playing with her, Hehe, Nef does have a devious side from time to time, you can tell from her lip ring collection.

This dress comes with a Belt that colourchanges a wack of different ways.


One day Beulah, one of Nef's top models, Im's me, saying Nef was going to send me something, wanted to make sure I was online. I was like ermmm ya I'm here. While thinking in my head, oh no, what are they up to.

I get this lovely dress. The explanation for the James Bond IM? They wanted to see what I could come up with for modeling this thing. I totally Demoned it out with tongue, horns and everything!

L'Abel-Acedia Black

Since this is just about Ivalde/L'Abel, all you need is the link to get there. Enjoy starting a new adventure!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A picture paints...

...a thousand words but hides many others.

Who do you see standing before you? A young, gorgeous pale skined beauty, innocent and sweet, just out for a day of fun in the sun. Sorry but this sexy little vixen is far from it I'm afraid.

Please don't be fooled by these pics...Yes! she is pretty as she runs her fingers through her beautiful long blonde hair, soaking up the rays of sun with the warm soft sand beneath her toes. But what you can't see is the .40 caliber pistol with silencer that she holds in the palm of her hand that she just pulled from her beach bag.

Pretty face, cold stare and an emotionless heart, perfect for a Stringer Assasin.
This little beach babe has been given orders to assasinate... Sorry but I can not disclose the name of the target but I can tell you that it is a Linden and that he is snorkling alone just off shore. Eyes locked on to her target, she walks down to the waters edge. It is advised that you please look away now!

Without even batting an eyelid, the job is done!
Linden's body is well hidden, wedged in under a rock ledge...away from the view of local surfers.

Model/Assasin: Can't disclose that information
Photographer: LeahJane Cazalet
Hair: Assasin - Platinum The Stringer Mausoleum
Swimwear: Flicked bikini set Reaction
Eyes: Basic #6 Luscious blue (Glowprims) Sindecade
Accessorie: Hibiscus BareRose
Skin & Shape: Waka & Yuki
Location: Boneyard (no longer available)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Punk Rocker...


I arrived at the Death Bar with my mohawk preened to the max, sleek and shiny. Now I'm rough and ready to thrash it out to a little Sex pistols and The Clash.

Rockin out to the tunes, jumpin, flippin, crashin into people...I've worked up a thirst, time for cold beer.

As I headed over to the bar I'd thought I'd check out the venues art when suddenly a large, heavy hand grabbed me on the shoulder. I then heard "Hey, Bitch, fetch me a beer!". I pushed his huge claw from my shoulder, rolled my eyes and I laughed off his demand. Displeased with my response and failure to fetch, the big ugly bugger picked me up with one hand and tossed me across the room with absolutely no effort at all. Crashing through a solid wood table, everything suddenly went black...

I must have hit my head bloody hard because when I came to, I swear that everyone in the venue seemed to look just like me. The floor shook as he stomped across the room. He picked me up by my mohawk and threw me again. I rolled as I landed and quickly jumped to my feet. Enough was enough, this bloke needed to be taken down.
"Hey arsehole, come and get me, you ugly mother fu..." I taunted as I threw a beer bottle at his enormous head. The bottle smashed against his huge forehead and his face turned red in anger. I had one chance and one chance only, the guy was big so I have to take him out quick and fast. If he gets hold of me again, he'll rip my head clean off with his bare hands.

Enraged and very angry, he pulled a large knife from his belt and charged like a Brahma bull from the other side of the room. Steam literally bellowing from his ears. Just as he was about to knock me flying, I leaped into the air drawing a dagger from its sheath. The 4" blade seemed to glide effortlessly as it sliced straight through his throat. His red face turned pale in an instant, glassy eyed and suddenly silent. All you could hear was the trickling of his blood as it pooled on the cold hard ground. A massive thud shook the bar as his body came to rest on the floor. I swirled my finger around in the pool of blood as I ponded "That's a lot of blood, what a waste". It's sweet stench taunted my inner demon, the vampire within me was burning to come out.

With fangs now visible to the on lookers, I had to flee. I swiped a nearby bike but Damn! no keys. Shelby is lookin pretty sweet in the background. I must admit, I have a soft spot for mustangs. The sound of sirens approach from the east. Escape on foot it is then.

The Jacks were soon to arrive. With guns drawn they search the bar and surrounding buildings for the cold blooded killer. While they were busy, I slashed their tyres and trash the van to aide in my escape.

After fleeing the scene and finding comfort in the night, I stopped for a minute and lit up a cigarette. It's dark and cold, I stink of stale blood and I have a throbbing head ache. It's been a rough night. I need a six pack, a hot bath and someone to sink my teeth into...

Rock'n hair: (Unisex) Anemone - snow tipped - The Stringer Mausoleum
Outfit: Top & jeans are past gifts from Little Britain Designs
**Jackass top can be found on Xstreet
Cool accessories: Past camping items from Little Britain Designs
Tie: Gothic Velvet necktie Sn@tch
Left arm band (with dagger) C Morane Creations
Boots: Ashige Yuki Heavy Boots Dirty Lynx
Victims Boots: New Rock Black Flame boots Little Britain Designs
Tattoo: Champion's Trophy iNFLiCT
Glasses: Heze sunglasses - Solar
Skin: Leticia Smoky - Redgrave
Blood splatter: Freebie - Canimal
Death Bar & Dead Body at BC322

Friday, May 22, 2009

Callie Cline Appreciation Day!

I think I missed it, but that's fine, it's never too late to tell someone thank you.

A thank you never goes stale
A thank you never gets old
A thank you never is a bad thing

So here is my Tribute of Thanks to Callie Cline. She is someone that always goes above and beyond. She knows the meaning of love. She cherishes her fellow man, knowing full well that behind that keyboard is someone, in most cases human. *Winks*

Her generosity is renowned in the SL world. She'll friend you just to stop you from talking about her. Good things about her. How odd . . .

She always tries to find something nice to say, "Oh that's an . . . interesting outfit Helena . . . ". She may even ask for a demon makeover if you lucky!

I could go on, but well all know, there are many ways to thank our Callie.

And so here is my Mer-Related Tribute Photo

We all can use a bit of Callie's creations in our wardrobe, no matter who or what we are!

Dress-caLLie cLine couture-blue bubbLe-L$1200

Monday, May 18, 2009

History Repeats

History Repeats.

What an interesting title. This was the name of the event that was held last week at Rezzable's Kings Rezzable Sim. Winter Jefferson was our wonderful host/organizer for this event.

The theme was dressing up as your favorite Historical Character. I really couldn't decided on anything, and wasn't staying for long, so this is what I threw on.

I got this set of Dresses, called Bonbon, at PixelDolls, knowing full well that one day, I would get a chance to wear them. There is 8 colours to the set. This was my favorite colour combo, and as all good girls do, I have perfectly matching hair!

It all seemed very mardi gras after I had it all going, but I was cool with that. The hair was actually made for Rezzable, for a past fashion event. The feel of it so went with the look I was trying to achieve.

This skin is from a up and coming designer. Daarc does not have these for purchase just yet, but I look forward to what other goodies she will have for us. The lips on these make me imagine all sorts of late, LATE nights. There are also so many yummy colours for the makeups. So far there are 4 tones, catering more to the Elven and Fae.

The eyes are from House of Ruin. I think I'm going to almost be exclusively wearing House of Ruin from now on. You really can't beat the quality for the price. SOOOOO many colours. That really is a big thing for me, since I might have everyday favorites, but am changing so often for shoots, that I can't afford to stick to a set regiment regular eye colours.

The dress seemed to walk right out from a painting.

I couldn't help but feel a bit regal in this. Though the event has past, history still repeats. Thus I share!

The Courtly Attire:

Skin-Elfpyre-Not yet Released
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Stained in Deep Tipped-L$225
Eyes-House of Ruin-Felid in Scarlet-L$20
Eyelashes-La Syphide-Natural prim lashes-L$0
Dress-PixelDolls-Bonbons-L$100 for 8 colours
Boots-Adam and Eve-Stompi in Black-L$50

Free*Style Crossover-It's my Ruin

Today's crossover is a double feature! Mermaids and my love of House of Ruin eyes!