Friday, November 21, 2008

Great Skins at budget prices! Part1

First thing first, I know I said wed. was going to be my budget day. Well sometimes things happen. Me and my boy have been super sick, so alas, I'm a slow poke. So lets just keep it to one a week, whatever day it falls on!

Everyone needs a skin. It is often times one of the hardest things for new people to find in sl. You get stuck with that one set, that has no ear or nose definition. Let alone feet, elbows or knees.

I love collecting my eyes, but my thing after that would have to be skins. I have my everyday ones that people will most likely see me in, then there are all my fun ones. As my sister said yesterday to Katat0nik, as we were being silly in her store, I often change 17 times a day!(that was her number, not mine, hehe). This is often due to product ads, but sometimes for flickr, and now for this blog.
I own every skin from the store {Frick}-----> so not kidding. Now the different tones I might not have for every skin, but I do have every style! The imagination that is infused in each skin is just wonderful. These here are some of the more colourful, and newest editions.

From left to right:
{Frick} Bliss-L$1
{Frick} Witch Skin-L$1
{Frick} AMZ-L$1

Also wearing:
The Stringer Mausoleum-Spikey Space Punk in Baby, Forest tipped and Black/orange tip
Emortal Eyez-Steel Blue

Every once in a while it's good to stalk a lucky chair, you just might get something great! They just happened to be my skin tone of choice as well, go figure!

From left to right:

La Sylphide-Erin light-Barbie Girl-Lucky Chair

[RockBerry] Megan A-Light-lucky board

Also wearing:
The Stringer Mausoleum-Assasin in Peacock and Mahogany
Skin Within eyes-Breeze

My sister suggested this place for the blog. I hadn't been yet, but had heard very good things. Now that I see these skins, I can tell why the name is getting about!

[42] 118 free skins-L$0
[42] free skins-subscribo gift

Also wearing:
The Stringer Shrine-Bouffantee in Black

And then for a more adventurous look these babies will do it for ya.

CHAI Exclusive-Coeur-Cinnamon-subscribo(5 other tones included)

*Beauty Avatar* Nemesis-Light Halloween-L$1

Also wearing:
The Stringer Shrine-Clara Bow in Black/Red tip and Crimson tipped
Skin Within eyes-Tempest

There are also a few inworld groups that would be great for you to be in, if looking for awesome skins. These groups have great perks. You do have to pay to be in most of them, but they are well worth it!

TULI update group-L$250 entry fee-I got like over 40 skins over this last year, thru the group and by reading the group notices, Tuli does a tonne of hunts, and often make a unique skin for each one.

<3 Cupcakes update group-L$250 entry fee-Same deal, I have like over 50 from this group, as they give out each tone when they send gifts! Also get to know when all the skins are 1/2 off and whatnot. There are secret sales alot.

MM skins-L$250 entry fee-There are skins given out every few months, the other nice thing about this one is that they also always make sure to do a guy skin gift aswell, so get your men in here!

Price of this outing? L$4! Can't beat that!

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