Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monochrome Sparkles

You know that feeling that you get when you buy some hair, an accessory, jewellery, etc., where you are just itching to have it in your inventory so that you can start making an outfit around it?  I had that last week with these beauties from Helena.. the Kasum back spikes. When I saw the group notice mention for these it was instant curiosity, "back spikes, they sound fun, let's go look!"

And what do you know: it became a shopping trip.  There was nothing in my inv like these and they are totally fun.  I have to say the sparkle of the little "atom" particles in the spheres is a gentle sparkling glow in case this is not clear from the pictures.  I've just downgraded my viewer from the 1.21.6 version because of it's nasty habit of crashing whenever I clicked on something it registers as a 'tortured' prim. The downgrade doesn't capture glow in pictures so well for me - but enough explanations back to the spikes!  I think the spikes are the prettiest and most distinctive, striking accessories to wear - the little atoms seem to dance to me. The glossy shine of the metal spike parts gave me the initial thought of cyberpunkish outfits but then why not make their shifting colours the feature instead?  The spikes come in large and small sizes, I'm wearing the small in the pictures, and there are also three sizes of necklace included in the folder which have a single, glowy, sphere as the pendant.

Here's a top that I haven't worn nearly enough as part of outfits before, which is Kyoot Army's Ilia Cowl top.  Well, actually, part of it because I took the cowl neck and hood off to show the spikes better.  When you buy this in it's original form you get a prim cowl neck and a hood that comes with hair, of which there are five colour options to chose from.  The hair I am wearing instead is Aneema in Nickle Tipped from the *TSS* Texture Testers pack. The high pony tail is not only the right shade for this look but reminds me of a floating adornment like tail plumes.

The capris must have been some of the first clothing items I properly bought, all the way back in the mists of December 2007, these are  LF Fashion's Cuffed capris and they have been a staple for so many outfits I'd be quite lost without them.  They do come with a turn up hem and D-ring strap as leg prim attachments but I left these off as they don't sit quite so well with higher calf boots.

The final note has to go to the spiral eyes that are a recent release from Trap.  I don't usually blog what eyes I wear, they tend to be the kind of items that people have firm favourites with (applies to me too!), but this time round I thought they should be.  There are a whole host of colours available and they come as a base pair with left and right prim attachments.  I went with the black and white version as they looked like something Tim Burton would make for a stop animation film.  The notecard that comes with them explains that Selos Dae's inspiration was from an anime called Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann , which I will have to check out sometime!

The Details:

Back spikes: The Stringer Mausoleum @ Magic of Oz *TSM* Kasum Back Spikes and Necklaces L$250.

Hair: The Stringer Shrine/Mausoleum HQ *TSS* Aneema Nickle Tipped from Texture Testers pack L$1.

Top: Kyoot Army Ilia Cowl Neck Hood L$350.

Capri: LF Fashions Cuffed L$250.

Skin: Chai Whisper Gloss L$450.

Eyes: Trap Spiral BW L$75.

Tattoo: Berrylicious Tattoos @ Club Habibi Introspection L$75.

Boots: Shiny Things Old Boots in Hard Black L$450.


Helena Stringer said...

You did so great with the pictures. I know it is very hard to get people to see what they really do, was considering a demo of sorts, just so they can see the twinkle, it's so hard to explain. I love what you did tho, it shows it off well!

Belochka Shostakovich said...

Thank you! :)) They are so lovely with the glowy twinkles, I hoped that it would get across!