Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My hopes of becoming a Fleur Insider

When I was first seriously thinking of becoming a designer, my sister said to me, you need a look that can be recognizable to your customers. An everyday sort of thing. She said this simply because I use to change my avi all the time, most times not even human! HEHE, Helena Stringer<----Demon remember?

I fell in love with this one Fleur skin she kindly got for me. At the time the store was Tete A Pied, later turning into Fleur once they bought a sim. The skins fit my custome shape, seeing as I have created it with some of my real life features as base. So I saved my weekly stipend, and every month would buy myself a Fleur skin. You will see them in my ads, and in my flickr pics, though mainly you'll see me in them when doing customer service or shopping(when I do get out of my dungeon).

When shopping for some of the new line of skins, I heard tell of a "Insider" call. They were looking for people to represent the line! I was all up on that! So then I had to make outfits to showcase how I wear my Fleur skins. These are what I will share with you today. The alternate side to Fleur.



I fell in love with the makeup in this set. I bought all 3. This one is called Fleur Allure Ivory Audacious 1. I always wore the Almond skin tone before, but the now don't have it as an option. This is slightly more peachy or rosey to me, but I still manage to make it look pale enough for my tastes. I love the fact that the new line has more playful colours. I felt this was flamy, so I created an outfit to reflect that.

To me Rock=Mohawk.

No other mohawk would do but Double Duster. This colouring is a special very limited edition--->There will only be one sold. I'm not sure when yet, but this hair does come in my 114 other colours(hehe lots of choice).

The Outfit is from SN@TCH. I have a love for all things SN@TCH, been trying not to wear it all on here, but there is no getting around it. You'll get SN@TCHified sooner or later. So sooner it is!

My nifty tights are tintable, comes with light, medium and dark base tones. So you can match these with anything!

I tried to keep with a sort of warm colour theme throughout the outfit, so my eyes couldn't be too flashy. And I topped them off with my Tippy lashes in just basic black.

The Boots are from ETD(I know hex on me for walking into another hair store). Couldn't pass up the sale, bought a tonnes of shoes!

The Earring is from PERTURB/ation, don't get to wear it much, but it just seemd to go so well.

Skin-Fleur-Allure Ivory-Audacious 1-L$1200
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Double Duster-Special Edition Colouring-Normal packs start at $L175
Eyes-Free Speerit-FS eye-Orchid-Price unknown(just redid the store, stuff still being put back in)
Eyelashes-The Stringer Mausoleum-Tippy-Basic Black-L$80
Ear piece-PERTURB/ation-freebie
Dress-Sn@tch-:::SN@TCH::: Death Glam-red-L$275 for pack of 5 colours
Tights-G.L.A.M.-Tintable Metallic Lycra Tights-freerelocating due to L.L. open sim stuff
Boots-ETD-Buckle Boots (Diablo)-L$30(sale right now till dec.26th!)


Punk Ballerina

This was the next set of the new skins I just had to have(have all 3 of these as well!) The play of colours is so fun and fresh.

It made me want to be playful, so I dug out Kyphotic. This is from the Blacks tipped pack. The wings I made as well, but am still having issues setting the right, so they aren't out yet.

Another SN@TCH outfit. I'm not wearing the whole thing, but the dress was just perfect for my feeling of fun when starting this shoot. It seems everyone has blogged these tights this week, but honestly, I have had these for over a year. Just wanted a bit more colour going on. I paired them up with these Katat0nik boots I got a while ago. I just kept with my merging theme and wore pink eyes and my Lush lashes with blue tips. For jewelry, I always wear less, so just simple bangles were enough here.

Skin-Fleur-Allure Ivory Exotique 3-L$1200
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Kyphotic-Black Tipped pack-L$200 for 8 different coloured textures
Eyes-Free Speerit-FS eye-Pink-price unknown(just redid the store, stuff still being put back in)
Eyelahses-The Stringer Mausoleum-Lush Lash-Colour pack(blue)-L$150 for 9 colours
Wings-The Stringer Mausoleum-Not out as of yet
Dress-Sn@tch-:::Sn@tch Murder Ballet:::-L$275 for a 5 pack of different colours
Stockings-amerie's NAUGHTY-*an*knit_tights_multicolor-L$1
Boots-*katat0nik* Ghostfire Boots (blue/black)-L$450
Bangles-::FlipSide::-Silver N Black Bangles-L$80


Retro Chique

I decided to go a bit retro with the last, the lips just spoke to me. I loved the eyeshadow on this skin so much. In rl this is how I do my makeup, flashy eyes and pale lips. I've always loved my eyes.

This skin just called to my most favorite retro style I have ever done. Clara Bow just makes the cute. I still wanted to be a bit different, so I wore my Camo colouring from the Rocker pack. It has 3 different colours all mixed in, it's really quite cool.

The outfit and tights are from Ivalde, the leader in all things retro in the sl fashion market. I say this simply because she actually researches and markets from all the different time frames. You can go and quickly find something from the 20's, as the store is set up just right.
I always try to do less is more, play up certain colours, and don't put on a tonne of attachements. There really is no need.

These boots I found during a ghost hunt at halloween time. I wanted them badly, and they had a great price point for the quality. I always try to get different types of colours, I'm a colour freak. I matched my eyes to the boots, just to wrap it all in. These little frogs, my sister got me to get from a lucky chair. My lucky day I guess, I have a set like this, jade as well, in rl.

Skin-Fleur-Allure Ivory Fall In Love 2-L$1200
Hair-The Stringer Shrine@Ivalde-Clara Bow-Rock Camo2 from the Rocker Pack-L$225 for 8 different textures
Eyes-Skin Within-[SW] Sparkler Eyes-L$75
Eyelashes-Sin Skins-Ferra Black-L$100
Outfit-Ivalde-Laika mantenga dress/tights-L$350
Boots-JE*REPUBLIC-Jewel Ankle Boots-Hay-L$200
Jewlery-SLink-Jade Frog Jewelry set-Lucky Chair gift

These final pics are the ones I entered in with my application.

Lets wish me luck!


Ruina Kessel said...

Oooooo! *heaps the good luck on Helena* You look deliciously wonderful! I'm sure they'll pick you. Because, you know, your models will beat them up if they don't ;P

(I kid! ... >.>)

And aHA you had to buy those boots *giggle* They are totally irresistable, i swear it!

Speaking of boots ... for some reason I didn't realize the Ghostfire boots had that lovely design on them! I have to go back and check them out again!

Belochka Shostakovich said...

Ohh excellent and distinctive outfits all, I think the retro outfit in particular is some great colours, and mucho luck hun! I soo hadn't seen the Amerie's Naughty tights before, must've been living under a rock again. :)

*Crosses fingers for you*

Helena Stringer said...

Thanks for the luck all, I hope my style shines thru and that I represent them well! They must have gotten a tonne of entries, but I am hopeful anyways!

Belochka Shostakovich said...

Wooohoo! Just saw the news, congratulations!! Can't wait to see what you'll be doing in your new role. Well done and best wishes :))

Cherelle Capra said...

Congrats sis on the Fleur Skins competition. You will represent them well with the edgey side of fashion styles.