Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Major SL bug issues!

Who hasn't been afflicted by some sort of bug in sl?

Well I had a major one with the forced client, now I had windlight before, and was fine, then all of a sudden I couldn't wear any glitch pants, the turned into full length, or shoe layers, they made my boots go coochie high!

I was getting super sad, specially when my whole Kouse's Sanctum folder got attacked! Couldn't wear any of my gowns! And I had a ball to go to!

Well my sister was group hopping, and found this nifty notecard that explained it all. Well don't you know, it worked! So for all of you, fighting with your clothing, it might not be the same bug, but try it out anyways, doesn't hurt.

I'm posting the original notecard in all it's context.

Celestial City Update Group members,

I'm writing this note for two reasons today. The first is to explain a bug currently affecting a number of users and how you can fix it if it's affecting you or someone you know. The second reason is to apologize for the behavior of one person who is not happy with this bug or the available fixes.

What is the bug?

It is explained in detail on this jira entry:


There are dozens of other entries on the jira regarding the same issue, but that appears to be the main one. Here is another report with a very good photo illustrating the problem:


This is a texture bug that appears to affect nVidia graphics cards with certain drivers. As far as I can tell the 177-178 series are the drivers causing the problem.

The bug usually causes a discoloration on part or all of the body. White legs, with a red torso and a black face, for example. The bug is usually present on the avatar below the skin layer, so it is more apparant on the CS Charmed skins, which are translucent allowing the bug to be seen through the skin texture. Occasionally I have seen it appear over the skin layers, turning even an opaque skin a solid color.

Because your avatar is rendered locally, people around you will see the bug present on their screen as well. Luckily, this bug is very easy to squash.

How do you fix it

There are two very simple options to fix (or work around) this bug.
1.) Press (CTRL ALT F7) to disable palletized textures in Second Life then (CTRL ALT R) to rebake.

Or use the menus at the top of your screen to choose:

Advanced > Rendering > Features > Palletized Textures


Advanced > Character > Rebake Textures

(You may need to press CTRL ALT D in order to have the Advanced menu option appear.)

2.)Rollback your video card drivers to an earlier version that did not cause this problem.

Note: Disabling palletized textures will need to be repeated with each login until this issue receives a permanent fix from LL or nVidia. The jira page lists the bug with critical priority and a status of "Fix Pending" so hopefully the permanent solution will arrive soon.

Part 2

I want to assure everyone that I am just as frustrated by this bug as anyone. And I would like to thank those who are experiencing it for their patience and understanding. Nearly everyone has been most gracious and thankful to learn there is a fairly simple solution. Unfortunately, one person is not satisfied with the information or the options available to work around the problem. I have been targeted for harrassment, threats, general name calling, and abuse by a string of avatars associated with this person. It has recently been brought to my attention that they have now taken to spamming the Celestial City update Group with their insults and agenda.
I am very sorry that the 2500 people in the group have been dragged into one person's problem and her own unwillingness to resolve it.

What's being done to address the problem

I have ejected the party from the update group and filed an abuse report for harrassment against the individual spamming the group. If you were present for the event and felt annoyed or harrassed by it, I encourage you to do the same. You can file an abuse report in world through the Help menu. (Help > Report Abuse).

I have also created a new role for the Update Group with the capability to eject members should this person sprout up while I'm offline again. I'll try to add some additional people to the role to help keep the spam to a minimum.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information, and thank you for your patience with these bugs and with the problems in the update group. As always, thanks most of all for being a customer and enjoying my products enough to tolerate me. :D

<3starley> yes it's really me again!) used option #1 and it worked fine, means you have to do it every time, but at least you can wear shit again until it is officially fixed.

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