Saturday, November 22, 2008

Just a Couple of Kilts..

Winter inspired me with his post on kilts and so I ran right out to do some hunting. Of course, no one can do a kilt like Mr. Jefferson, so we went for background scenery as well. We're at GOLGOTHICA, still under development but promises to be a terrific new find.

^^We love standing around without any purpose other than taking pics of ourselves.

^^Check the detail of the kilt accessories...swoons

She's wearing:
*TSM* ~ Robotica Eyes - Void
*TSM* ~ Porno Punk Hair - Black
.dystopia creations. ~ punisher torn shirt
EMO CITY MALL ~ sinner KILT -female-
the Drawmachine ~ 04-drawmachine overknees boots


Helena Stringer said...

Oh darling, Thanks so much, it was great to see your post when I logged on! Mmmmmm kilts! I guess it would be overkill if I kilted up now too, wouldn't it?

Cherelle Capra said...

Rylan, fantastic gear, fantastic & my dear friend Mr. Jefferson look moody and hot! I love this post, nice close ups for the detail on the pieces and angle shots. C.