Monday, December 1, 2008

Monochrome Mood

Sometimes the world is best viewed in black and white.

Summon Crouch

From up here colours bleed, shadows deepen and detail fades to grey.

Summon Sulk

It's easier not knowing who you were. Why you need to live. And that you were loved.

Come, dance. Join me in the eternal waltz of the Undead.

Summon Jump

We haz cookies.

Stringer Mausoleum "Summon Winter" hair in Nickle Tipped
Excess Lui Skin in Corvine Marble
Spider Productions Spiked Chain Forearm Bands
Sinfull Blueray Demon horns, Asmodeus Tail
Shooz! Black Belted Boots
Avid Venom Sleeveless Jacket and Pants
Muism Ear Piercing Mix#03
Addixion Half Tribal Tattoo
[Kick] Prim eyes in Stars

Oh yes. And Vote for Winter in the Style Throwdown.


Faery Sola said...

WOW! love the look and mood of these! great pics! :D Bit on the talented side, aren't ya?! =D

Frequency Picnic said...

Winter summoned: check
Surplus of talent: check
Fangirl satisfied : check!

I can haz cookie?

Ruina Kessel said...

Love the look! And happy first post! ;P

Helena Stringer said...

yay! the boys come out to play, well just one, and your a man, oh I screwed that up! anyways looks great! This week is a weird work week, so I'll be doing a bunch of posts, and am doing my own man type one! hehehe

Ana Lutetia said...

great hair ^^