Saturday, January 31, 2009

Same Damn Thing . . . AGAIN!

I might have missed the day by about 20minutes my time, but I was really inspired by all the posts.

I took up Achariya's Blogger Challenge. After reading the repost, with all the different bloggers participating, I knew this was right up my ally.

What if we all wore the same damn thing?

SL is my place to imagine. That doesn't always mean being original in everything. What it does mean is doing ordinary things in a different way. Your way, who ever you may be.

I'm not a blogger by any means, well not a fashion blogger at least. Or I don't see myself as one. And by the notes and emails, others think the same. They say I and others pass things like this blog off as a way to advertise, and that I'm just "Pretending" to be cool. Well the whole aim for this blog was for my models, friends and I to show how we wear my products. Seeing as I only ever were my own hair, my models are paid to wear my products, and my friends like my shit, it made sense.

I do wear items that may come from a certain store in every post. Not the same item, but same store. I may even be friends with that person. There is no shame to show love for something, or be proud of a fellow designer.

Most days I could care less if I see someone wearing what I'm wearing. If anything it means that item that some designer lovingly built, textured, made is something that was enjoyable en mass. We would not be designers otherwise. Cherelle and I go shopping together some days, or send each other to places, so I know more then one person has what I got, and I can tell that too with people buying my products. If this wasn't the way of sl, there wouldn't be those nifty boxes in edit mode that say copy/contents or original. Everything would be set to original. But there would be alot of unhappy peeps, and insomniac designers.

The way we use a piece tells a bit about ourselves, it's like the body language in rl. We can't really count ao's in the same respect, so how people dress and carry themselves, and in conversation and deeds will tell you more about who they really are. This applies event to Roleplay. When I use to RP before I was a designer, I still acted like me, I just happen to wear tentacles and hooves, while my home is in space. I realize this does not apply to all. Some try and run and hide, but you still can get a snippet here or there thru the way they project themselves.

We all make mistakes, we all are human behind these screens. We need, want, wish and hope.

So I wear the same damn thing as everyone else, but I do it as plain old me. Who gives a fuck what others think?

What started it all off:

Shirt-{Gisaci}-Cambridge Cuffed Shirt-Aqua Afrillia-L$250 (This line is a label under a label-Armidi, so don't go looking in the Armidi shops, it's in the Gisaci one at the top of the stairs to the right)


Belochka Shostakovich said...

Yays plain old Helena for being her!! :) What you've said I totally agree with, especially that clothing *is* our body language in this (SL) world. Yays again for your blog and for all the others who work hard on showing things they feel enthused about!

Achariya Rezak said...

Thank you <3 I love you in that Trap skin, and the shirt color sets it off nicely!

Cherelle Capra said...

Also, to add. mother brought us up right. She always was determined to instill in us, independence is key in life and to be yourself with their nothing wrong in admiring others work and showing gratitude to other designers. Even if it means at times we all look like a collective but as you say, we show our individuality through how we express ourselves in personality.

Arhat Bingyi said...

How dare you create a blog, express your opinions, support the SL fashion community by displaying other Designers' works, and try to entertain through creative and alternative perspectives on fashion? HOW DARE YOU?

Why can't you just be like most other folks, a dribbling clone of mediocrity, mimic those around you, and assume someone else's personality and sense of style? Why must you try to be your own person with your own brain and your own personality?

I am highly offended by your blog, Helena. I have nothing better to do in my life than to censor and criticize others because my own life is so unfulfilling and pathetic. So I urge you to stop being unique, and instead come back to the herd with the rest of us sheep. I hear that lamb shanks are high in demand right now, and you don't want to be left out, do you?

Wait, why are they tying me up and throwing me into that dark shed? And what is that metal grinding sound behind me? Why are all of my friends screaming? Is that? No, it couldn't be....

Ruina Kessel said...

lol Arhat, you're an impossible act to follow. :)

As everyone's already basically said ... I don't care what other people think. It's fun to read this blog (and fun to write for it too!), and nothing else matters, at all.

Keep your weirdness, Helena, it's important. :)

Helena Stringer said...

Thanks all, and it makes me very happy to be able to have something like this, even tho we all my only be on here once in a while. If only for ourselves, we find enjoyment, then it's still something worth while.