Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blogger Virgin

Yes, that's right, this is my first ever blog, be gentle! Oh and if it is crap...tell someone who cares!
So here we go....

Like many of us, my inventory over flows with many wonders that have long been forgotten, but there are some things from certain stores that seem to never get lost and are easily found like all my outfits from BareRose. This amazing outfit is called 'Studded Armor Lady' perfect for all you elven warriors or Chic's that just want to go out and kick some arse. June Dion is the incredible designer behind BareRose. Her outfits are remarkable as you can see and they wont leave you broke. This 10 piece outfit comes packaged with all these colours, purple, black, blue, green and red for L$150 and is also available in a men's version. They can be found in the fantasy section of BareRose HQ. My Stringer Mausoleum folder can also never be lost, it is just too big, it is so full of gorgeous hair styles and accessories that it is splitting at the seams.

This stunning and sleek long hair in black/purple tip is Yearly Sacrifice by the amazing Helena Stringer. Only a limited number of each colour pack is available and can only be bought through OnRez for L$225. You can head to The Stringer Mausoleum and click on the Yearly Sacrifice colour packs and it will take you directly to the OnRez page, then you can buy buy buy! These Luscious blue eyes are from SINdecade. They are called pulse eyes and are available in 9 colours. I am wearing the base set but each eye also comes as a body part, prim-based for a glow and pulse effect (not attached in pics)

How cool, and sexy is this hair, huh? Double Duster in Black tipped from the Blacks pack is unisex, so it looks fantastic on everyone. Ladies, did you read that? I said everyone! Break free from the norm, live a little in your secondlife, head to The Stringer Mausoleum and try out a mohawk, you will be pleasantly surprised. Girls in hawks are hot! Oh and the guys are damn hot too! Sword is from Ancient Knights Armory. It's an Avery Black one-handed sword and sheath ( L$250) and for you sword buffs, it's fast swing, medium damage with spell fire 4.0.
This outfit looks rather cheeky from arse looks quite cute from this angle...hehe. 'Studded Armor Lady' has gorgeous textures and highly detailed sculpted prims for the armor.

This is a very nice skin from Regrave, well detailed and is very pretty but is not good for a girl like me. You see, I'm a sucker for a damn good mohawk and I have fallen head over heels in love with Helena Stringer and her hawks. Unfortunately, this skin has a very visible join line that runs all the way around the face and is very noticeable when wearing mohawks.

Hair: Double Duster & Yearly Sacrifice from The Stringer Mausoleum
Outfit: Studded Armor Lady @ ::: BareRose :::
Skin: Leticia Skin night makeup-smoky($990) Redgrave
Eyes: Basic #6 Luscious blue ($90 per colour $210 for full set) SINdecade
Sword: Avery Black sword Ancient Knights Armory



Winter Jefferson said...

And that was your first ever blog?


You did great, pretty lady. I look forward to more. Especially from that rear angle.

Meta Constantine said...

The armor attachment accents on top of the "barely there" BareRose studded outfit made for a uber-sexy look, when admittedly, I don't usually go for the mohawk on lady type thing. You've presented a heck of a case in it's favor. Your writing was top notch as well, even going as far as to link all your items at the tail end of the article which is far better than my slacker efforts. Looking forward to future submissions.

Helena Stringer said...


You did do great darling, I'm so glad we got over all the initial silly blogger type dealies, and were able to pop this out undamaged!

You do take great pics, so I can't wait to see more of what's going to go down from here on in!

Ruina Kessel said...

Yay, glad to see another model posting with us! You cut a dashing figure, as always! :)

LeahJane Cazalet said...

Awww...thnx everyone!