Friday, January 23, 2009

Sanu Bunnies!

I got hungry one day. Needed to go out and Hunt. What better event, then a item hunt, at a super cute sim. Lots of tasty morsels for me to look apon. I chose to wear something to not frighten the poor little creatures that were flitting out and about. This was my camo for the day.
I was able to find enough of one colour in my stash to make the look work. This Cupcakes top has the best pattern, matches my hair, and I was latter able to get it working with my leggings. The hair isn't out yet, so this is a bit of a teaser, but i did say I'd be doing that a bit, hehe.

I sercretly love bunnies. SHHHHHHH don't tell! These ones are great, and I love the . . . errrr . . . carrots. To go with the theme, I busted out some bunnie parts, tho my tail was missing, not enough attachement spots! =(
So the whole look pulled together, and I was able to catch and eat enough people . . . ummm . . . Carrots! Yes Carrots!

Want to fit in like a true Space Demon . . .ummm . . . Bunnie? Get the shlits Here:

Skin-Katat0nik-Snow Bunny Skin-Black-L$850
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-In the Rain Mohawk in Posionberry Tipped-WILL BE OUT SOON! such a tease =)
Eyes-Imperial Elegance-Now these were free, and there use to be a bunch of really nice skins and some other random stuffs. The store has changed, and it seems she just deals with poses now. I'll see if I can find more info.
Eyelashes-La Syphide-Natural prim lashes-L$0
Top-Cupcakes-Fun Tee-Flora-Deep Pink-L$35
Shorts-Random Inspirations-Frayed Denim Shorts-L$0 for 7 colours
Leggings-SN@TCH-Pink and Star Stripe-L$200 for 20 pairs
Shoes-ETD-Demi Trainers in Black-L$100
Ears-Katat0nik-Bunny Ears-L$200(Colour Change)
Whiskers-Liquor Pussy-they are in all the freebie Neko avi packs on the wall. I modded these a bit flipped them and shit =)
Bunnies on a rope(hehe)-Sanu-Bunneh Pride Set-L$175


Meta Constantine said...

Very Amusing. Good Timing as well, hanging out with your sister last night we had sort of a "show off all the shoulder pets" thing and she won by a landslide, her crowning jewel being some sort of full size panther furry that lovingly wrapped itself about her neck.

On Topic, I really enjoy the print and color on that shirt, would love to see something similar as an actual texture applied to a wall or piece of furniture.

Helena Stringer said...

I have textures that are very close to that plus a coat I made out of something of the same sort too, which reminds me I got to set those out!