Saturday, February 14, 2009

Go-Go Demon

First of all, sorry for no posts recently, we here on the good ship SSStringer have all been working our little buns off! We each have been dipping our hands into the bushfire project going on all over sl to help with the Australians efforts to help those in need. Some of us have stores, some of us work for big companies, some of us have been busy shaking our sl booties all over town!

I'll try to get this back to a regular pace soon. Even if I just do little posts, little quickies for you, you all like quickies right?

So I have been in this outfit for a few days(when I design I tend not to change everyday, like I would otherwise). I thought I'd share it, cause I love it so!

I NEEDED these horns, they are all insecty and demony, what better combo! I couldn't get the chains alpha'd right, so sorry about that, you'll just have to go see them yourself or stalk me!

Being a demon doesn't always mean you have to scare people. I like to look fairly normal to my prey as much as possible. It's way easier to feed that way, I am also lazy, and only like to massacre once a week, and am not the type to collect souls.

So I did a 2 tone retro type dealie. I even got myself a new ao to reflect my fun flirty image. XP

These boots, I moded them, they were black, and I just fucked with the texture a bit and tinted them. These things are all over. I have seen them at all different prices, I got these for free from a raffle ball somewhere. Anyways, even if your grandma seems to have them, if you find a mod version, you could have fun, and they ain't too bad. I have a pair in rl, just like these, but studded.


Anyways, Want the goods? Got get them :

Skin-Tuli-Meredith [ light ] fuschia folly-L$1000
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Tribute to my limited edition hair, Yearly Sacrifice, which died with OnRez, all packs were bought up! I'll have to make a new limited edtion now!
Eyes-House of Ruin-Cylon Eyes (Kyr'Ozch Teal)-L$20
Eyelashes-La Syphide-Natural prim lashes-L$0
Bodysuit-SN@TCH-Sex Kitten Bodysuits-L$325(you get 6 colours, blue shown)
Tights-Glam-store not reopen as of yet
Boots-honestly these things are all over the grid, for different prices.
Horns-Sinfull Creations-Insecticide demon horns-L$100
Tentacles-XOPH-Basic Tentacles-Coal-L$90
Tail-XOPH-Basic Tentacle Tail-L$75

Useless fact--->Whole outfit-Under 200 prims! I like to make a good impression with the least amount of prims, there is really no need to a tonne.

Till next meal lovelies!


Ruina Kessel said...

Oooo smex! Love the color and that bodysuit is AWESOME. wonderful wonderful wonderful!

Helena Stringer said...

thanks dear, ya I felt very sexy all up in this!

Cherelle Capra said...
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Cherelle Capra said...

Crazy girl ... tag you're it

dancer Dallagio said...

that is awesome hair!!!