Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fleur Demon

As I keep hinting, but really had yet to show, I'm a demon in sl. Tho I don't role play anymore, I still embrace that part of me. Once you choose your real form, even tho you may play with others, you can't go back to "normal" ever again. Demons are the most fun, at least my race. Being a tentacle space demon, we often have to travel to other places to find our food. For the powers within us, we do not get warm welcomes. This has caused us to evolve the ability to shape shift into the form of our different food source. Hence why I play human designer so well XP. It also means we have this nasty side effect of wanting to ever change. Most times we will seem more of a mash up of different things. I'll show you our true form some day down the road. for now, you get this to chew on. Does it scare you or do something else? hehe

Red is my second most fav colour in sl. I wear it alot. Naturally it goes well with black. OOOOO I'm all special and such, black and red who would have thought?

When deciding to do this post, I wanted to demonize one of the Fleur skins. As ever it's my duty as a fleur insider to show you the "different" side to Fleur. I simply took the new resident skin, and started from there. This skin is no ordinary "freebie" skin, plus the fact that everyone can enjoy it, it's not a scripted vendor where only "under 30 day" people can grab it. The other nice thing is you get all the vivant tones, so you can play around. The demony parts were a xmas gift to myself, for being the bad little demon throughout 2008. It was a challenge to show off this wondrous tat, yet have something covering my bits.

I needed some hair to really pull this together, and I chose one of my mens hairs again. Not much modding needed for this(must have done something right). The spikes are what I wanted, but the length is what I NEEDED!

To set off my mood, the eyes say it all. [][]House of Ruin[][] is the place to get all your demon eyes. They were not really made for that reason specifically, but Ill pimp them that way anyways. The colours of all of them, oh god I love colour! You could buy a few a week and collect them too, they are so reasonably priced. The quality is great, and they were imported at the right texture size so they always rez super fast when changing threw them(for the right shade of course).

The horns and tail aren't part of the hoof set, but I felt I could get away with it, I am a demon of course, try to tell me no! The horns have little smoke poofs that come out of them. The tail is scripted to lash, it is one of the best movement dealies I have ever seen. Other then when your in a region with 80 other people, the scripts have never lagged, so the movements are always so fluid. The detail on these as well at the hooves is something else. I have read the Beauty series by Anne Rice, when she was writing under her pen name, and that's what these hooves remind me of every time. That is a 3 part book set you must own, but don't let the kids get at them till they are older!

The Face piercings I made, back when I was in my sl punk stage. Now they just get randomly worn with whatever. Everyone needs that one good face piercing they can just throw on whenever. I was lucky enough to be able to make what I wanted =)

This wondrous tattoo is by Rezit Sideways of Designs of Darkness. I really did have to try to find something to wear so that I was almost naked. Trust me I normally am clothed, but this tat needed to be seen! She wants [Revenge] was the only place I could thing of that might have something I wanted. Plus I'm just really impressed by Revenge Gears attitude, she fucking swears in her group! Oops! and she is super generous. Also I have this thing with chic that have wicked sl names, right Rezzy?

So that was me living it up and scaring the people when out and about shopping that day. You want to live the demon life? Get the shit here PLEASE:

Skin-Fleur-Fleur Women's Newbie Skin in Almond-L$0 for 6 tones and a shape(everyone can get, not an under 30 days thing)
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum at Black Swan-Ribbons in Red Shine-L$200
Eyes-][][][House of Ruin][][][-Starry Eyes Royal-L$0
Eyelashes-Cybernetic-Eyelash type 1(ooo what a name!)-L$0
Bathing Suit-She Wants [Revenge]-xxx black outfit-L$150
Hooves-Stygian-Blood Red Leather Pony Tack-L$600(both hand and foot attachments)
Horns-Stygian-Tech Fiend's Horns-L$100
Tail-Stygian-Tech Fiend's Tendril-L$100
Facial Piercings-The Stringer Mausoleum-Full Facial-L$120

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Ruina Kessel said...

The whole set up is fabulous, but I must say - I absolutely love those horns!