Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yes, I still post. Yes, it has been way too long. But, I've made a resolution to be more committed. :) Get ready for some major creative stuffs! LOL I'm completely setting myself up for disaster here!'s been cold, it's been nasty, but even with the troublesome weather, it has had its moments of beauty. For those of you who live in wintersome states, you understand the peace and magic of a fresh new snowfall. Those of you who don't, you need to experience it. There is a certain stillness in the air, a quiet that descends with every snowflake, and if it is a night snowfall, you can almost hear the snowflakes as they hit the earth. There really is nothing more beautiful about winter than the unique glitter that sits in your soul when you are in its presence. And the bitter cold? That comes and goes, but that's what friends are cuddle with by the light of a fire, to share hot chocolate with (dont' forget the marshmallows), and to be there to get through it...together :) It can be the harshest time of winter, but when you look past it, it can really be the most glorious.

^^I should probably put more clothes on as I walk around Oz (this will TP you to Stringer's store at Oz)...but, that would be no fun :)
skin ~ Peach-Urban Butterfly2 @ *TSM*
hair ~ Rocker @ *TSM*
top ~ Kyoot Army - Straight Jacket (I don't think it's available anymore :( )
pants ~ Boy Beater @ Sn@tch


Helena Stringer said...

F@!#ing A!

I've missed you all so, but knew once holidays were over it would be better. Even if it's once a month, it's better then nothing, hehe.

This is really just a fun thing for me to do, but any friends willing to help is great.

Oh and I'll be unvailing your hair soon. HEHE

It's almost all done and textured.

Rylan Carling said...

OMG! I'm soooooooooooooo excited!!! :) Hope your holidays were great! :)

Helena Stringer said...

Yes great and busy as always. Now with the little man, everyone wants a piece of the action. Just glad he was fine.

Winter Jefferson said...

So beautiful, Rylan.

I'm rather partial to the season myself.

Ruina Kessel said...

Couldn't agree more about snow. It's exquisite, even in the soggy NW states.

And while you look freezing, you also look fabulous ;)