Monday, December 22, 2008

Fleur Double Trouble!

Being a Fleur Insider has it's fun moments. Okay to tell the truth, so far it's all been fun moments! My job is to wear Fleur items, to tell people about them, and try to make it to the events. How hard is that? I found this week a fun challenge, to show off these new Fleur gloves in MY style.

I sort of ended up with a colour theme, and wouldn't you know, it's my store colours too! I really honestly didn't do that intentionally. So the whole outfit was based off the gloves. I figured I'd put on a Fleur skin as well. The new china line is to die for! And has just the right shade of dead for your afterlife. I searched through my inventory for this and that and made up this outfit. Now I have been bad again. You can buy the skirt, just not in this colour. Sorry, I didn't know it was a limited thing, and when I went back to find out the price, GONE! So you'll have to deal. Now is when I go neeener neeeener, I have it you can't get one! XP

Now it wouldn't be a true post on my style without my wearing a mohawk. I made a new one, but decided to be nice, and not wear it since it isn't out yet. Can't have 2 things you can't grab! So this is Ex'd in Rock Green.

I have an ever changing ever evolving style. Since I do not use models in my ads, just me, I have to have a bit of everything. I mash shit up all the time. I aim to do it well, and most times it works. Katat0nik is such a sweetie, and tho I would not say we are like best buds, we do talk from time to time. She was impressed with my one Fleur Insider shot I did, wearing her boots. So the sweet girl sent me another pair! Here I also wear my Kasum necklace I made to match the Kasum back spikes shown in Belochka Shostakovich HERE. You get the necklace free in the set, I sort of just made it to match, and didn't want to sell it really. The eyes are from Skin Within. They make many realistic eyes, and I tend to like the size of the iris. A lot of eye designers make them so big, it's nice to have a change of pace. To keep things all spicey I threw on my Real Primmed Killer Lashes. Gives just enough extra glam.

I'm wearing a great tat from Designs of Darkness. Rezit Sideways makes the most unique tats I have ever seen in sl so far. As she is a rl artist, you can almost see the paintbrush stokes popping off your skin. If you want to be different, and surprise your little personal fanclub, you need to at least grab one of her many tats. Here you can also see the great gem details on this top. Who needs bling when you got these?



Fleur has had some requests to bring back out the gloves they use to have in the clothing part of the store. When the new sim design was implemented, they still had yet to open the clothing store. Once they did these favs were missing! Oh Noooos! Well after a bit of haggling, they have been put back out. But there is one difference. What you might ask? Whole New Set! They added some new colours, this emerald green being one of those.The gloves come in 3 sizes, which makes them work with just about anything.

You want the goods? Here they are:

Skin-Fleur-Fleur Allure China Sinuous 3-L$1000
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Ex'd-Rock Green from Rocker Pack-L$225 for 8 colours
Eyes-Skin Within-[SW] Sparkler Eyes-L$75
Lashes-The Stringer Mausoleum-Real Primmed Lashes-KILLER-BLACK/ROBIN with glow-L$300
Top-Cupcakes-part of Netty dress-L$150
Skirt-Silent Sparrow-Grimly Skirts-4 types per pack-L$300
Gloves-Fleur-Emerald Gloves-L$100 for 3 sizes
Tats-Designs of Darkness--L$250
Necklace-The Stringer Mausoleum at Magic of Oz-Free(in the Kasum back spikes pack)
Boots-katat0nik- Ghostfire Boots(green/black)-L$450

New Skin Release!

They Brought back Biba!

I figured to show the skin off, we'd do an on the location type shoot. Fun fun! I didn't make myself wear any swimsuits in winter tho.

Fleur now has a new refurbished Biba skin. Perfect for any retro style you are trying to pull off, or for those festive parties happening this time of year. You can get her with 3 different makeups.

I figured to pull more retro in, I'd wear retro all around. I threw on Bouffantee. Cute little doo that is great in laggy sims. It's only 9 prims!

This Bracelet is from Inca Temple. A very delicate design which tied into the colours of this outfit.
Ivalde always delivers when you need retro style. This dress says it all. But sometimes style is deadly, these shoes so didn't have any traction!

A closeup so you can see the wonderful smoldering eyes on this skin.

Do you want it all? Here it is:

Skin-Fleur-Fleur Allure Alabaster Biba 1-L$1000
Hair-The Stringer Shrine at Ivalde-Bouffantee in Saphire-L$175 for a 6 pack
Eyes-The Stringer Mausoleum-Robotica in Dreamwalker-L$30
Eyelashes-The Stringer Mausoleum-Tippy Lashes-Basic Black-L$80
Dress-Ivalde-Magny black/blue-L$350
Shoes-SKG shoes-These babies are free, with a bunch of other free shoes!
Earrings and Necklace-DECO-Pave Swing Set-L$1
Bracelet-Inca Temple-Lady Di bracelet-L$160

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