Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Little Girl in the Asylum

When the paranormal team entered the dilapidated asylum to investigate reports they had received of incessant wailing and strange warbled singing, they found all of the patient cells of the asylum emptied, save one. Inside the darkened and foul-smelling chamber stood a solitary girl, a tiny waifish figure - she was posing this way and that way in her black leather coat. Smiling innocent-like, all the while, in their direction. The girl was cooperative and even a bit of a hostess, offering them tea and crumpets while she pranced about happily overjoyed to receive guests in her magical palace.

Member A of the team was drawn to the girl's eyes, beautiful with their many dimensions of purple and green interlacing together in marriage. He was transfixed for a moment, as if in a daze, and realized he had come under the girl's spell. And so he joined the girl in a spirited dance around the team, offering each one a lump or two of sugar with their tea.

Member B of the team enjoyed watching the girl's spirited frolicking about and admired her knee high buckle boots and purple striped knee socks. If only to have a pair of sturdy and versatile boots such as those and socks full of color to keep her legs warm, it must surely be occasion to dance. And so, Member B laid down her electrical monitoring equipment and began a festive Gaelic jig of her own, minding to keep in step with the girl's rhythm.

Member C of the paranormal investigation team noticed that despite the rugged conditions of the musty cell, that the girl's plumberry and black locks were well coiffed. Curly strands cascading throughout and the way her cute bangs framed her face brought attention to her snowy white skin. Her lips blackened with coal, the girl looked at Member C coquettishly, then more solemn, and whispered, "Join us." And so Member C intrigued at the girl's ways, joined in the dancing and merry making.

Member D had always been the strongest sceptic of the team - the one that would not go so easily into any theory or conclusion without a good fight. Even after their scanners, videos, and recorders had produced undeniable proof of entities not belonging to this world, she would ask for more proof. As Member D stood her ground and approached the girl in order to subdue her, she caught a glint of precious metal and ribbon wrapped lovingly around the girl's tiny neck. Inside the glimmering and glistening of the girl's choker, Member D found all the answers to all of her questions, and finally, was convinced.

It was this scene, of the four members of the paranormal investigative team dancing merriliy around each other in the padded cell smelling of old life and decay, sipping on their imaginary tea and sharing their imaginary crumpets, that the Police Authorities discovered when they received reports of unusual sounds, voices, and movement coming from the century old mental institution. The members of the team reported they had encountered a beautiful young girl who offered them tea and was quite the pleasant hostess. The Police, realized that these were not scientists at all, but rather patients who had escaped the new mental facility down the street and had returned to the old asylum to play. All of the patients were rounded up and escorted back to the new asylum in good time. As the Police Chief was leaving the decaying cell he thought he had caught a glimpse from the corner of his eye the image of a pretty little girl drinking tea and waving goodbye, with a devious glint in her eyes.

*~* The Little Girl wore :
** Jacket - Black Leather Jacket by Siddean Munro of SLink 200L ~~
** Eyes - Dark purple/green from Craze Eye Pack by Helena Stringer 175L for a 6-pack of various hypnotizing colors ~~
** Knee Socks - Wild Stripes Stockings in black purple by Rezit Sideways of D.o.D Designs of Darkness, 150L for a 6 pack of various stripey deliciousness ~~
** Boots - Black Leather Kicks by Prozak 69L ~~
** Hair - "Kyphotic" in Plumberry/Black from the Cherberry Tipped pack by Helena Stringer 175L ~~
** Skin - "Pale - Crying Spider" by Helena Stringer, 10L ~~
** Choker - Filigree Souls Collar by Magdalena Bergamasco of Needful Things, 120L ~~


Helena Stringer said...

oh my darling, that was great! Thanks so much! I bustd your stringer blog Cherry, hehehe!

Arhat Bingyi said...


And ya know, it wasn't that painful after all....still, there was a lot of blood left on the sheets. Oh well, nothing a bit of bleach and hydrochloric acid can't get out.