Saturday, December 13, 2008

Canadiana-Dilly Doll Love!

It's been so busy, and yes my bloogers and I have all been doing other things. As always for the time being, I'll always try to get you out one a week.

Many of you are doing the Peace on Earth hunt. You should be at least, I'm in it! When dryrunning the gauntlet, I found one place that I loved. Called Dilly Dolls, it's a mix of Silent Sarrow and Katat0nik. I normally don't like to do that, place designers in a catagory, but it was so true.

For the hunt item she had a bunch of different dresses, each unique, done up in different nationalities. I am wearing the canadian one(duh).

If you haven't noticed by now, I enjoy the black,red and grey theme(look to first post on this blog!). Feeling sort of cutsie, I threw on Wartime, a hair I made for the Ivlade sim.

Now the boots are one of the many red boots I own. But I don't get to wear these too often, it was nice to dust them off. Simple choker was enough for me, and these wonderful eyes? Got them at House of Ruin-----> fab new eye store. I wear almost always the night versions, cause you often get different ones for the times of day. The night have this lovely black void that I wouldn't be able to live without.

Now I have 3 more Dilly Doll outfits I was going to post, but my pics went wonky, so I'll have to reshoot the rest, but for now I hope this staves off the hunger!

Get the goods:

Skin-The Stringer Skin Store-Film Noir skin-L$1
Hair-The Stringer Shrine@Ivalde-Wartime in Fire tipped-L$175 for a 6pack
Eyes-House of Ruin-Starry Eyes (ruby)-L$30
Dress-Dilly Dolls-P.O.E. Hunt Globe #233-L$0
Boots-Digital Dragon Designs-DDD Burgandy Fashionista Boot-L$400
Choker-Ding Designs-Angel Choker-L$100

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