Thursday, December 18, 2008

Helena does Christmas

I'm not much on the traditional xmas, I will admit. But when i got the notice for this outfit, I had to have it. I have been collecting certain types of doll like garments for a bit, tho I really haven't done much with them. I felt this fit the bill, while still bringing a bit of Ho Ho Ho.

I have been naughty, and there are a few items you wont be able to get, but for the most part, all the main stuff is up for grabs. The outfit is by LVS&Co, and let me say, they really get into any holiday spirit. Almost once a month they have something going on, and many of the stores on the sim participate. They alway make some really rad cheap outfits, and some other random things. They also have greally beautiful reward pick outfits, for both MEN and women.

I decided to wear Assasin, cause I thought it would be cute with the candy cane esars I got from MiaSnow.
The details with the outfit are just too much. Cute little cookie buttons, bows on your stockings, enough frill on the skirt to make any dolie making granny forget about teh length. I chose to wear a group gift from Sanu, this light up nose, it's supose to help me find my way??? The Skin you can't have, it was out last year from Skin Within, and they don't seem to have one this year :( Had to wear it tho, loved the holly on it. My wonderful green eyes are from Treasured Visions, I have a thing for really green eyes, and these go right in that catagory! Now the boots, the boots, this is where I have been naughty again. You can't get these special xmas ones, they were from last year, buuuuuuuut Tesla does have a really nice brocade pair that is the same, just without the little critters and flowers instead. Worth a look, you almost would not be able to tell them apart. So I'm not soooooo naughty XP


Skin-Skin Within-Skin not availible, but can find many other great ones here
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Assasin-in Scarlet-L$175 for a pack of 6
Eyes-Treasured Visions-Flecks-Green IV-L$95
Eyelashes-Sin Skins-Ferra in black-L$100
Outfit-LVS&Co-SANTAS GIRL-GREEN-L$30(there are other colours aswell
Shoes-Tesla-Ziggy Heels-L$399
Noes-Sanu-Free Group gift
Antlers-MiaSnow-Candy Cane Horns-L$1

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