Friday, December 5, 2008

Hitting the Campaign Trail

***Warning----> This post might offend or make some people gag, as I am a chic crossdressing as a man crossdressing***


What is this all about you ask?

Well Winter, our friendly neighborhood guest "blooger" and friend, is in a style throwdown. He campaigned for more votes, and I thought I would help him out!

I had these pics still from a party in October that was at Crimson Shadow. If you haven't guessed, it was a Rocky Horror Picture Show Party. I was not meaning to go as rocky, but somehow thats what it turned into.

I ended up butchering my fav Fleur skin. The only issue was trying to hide my boob shading, so I threw on a corset and added a boa for a bit more coverage, plus it works for the theme of the night.

I spent some time trying to find shoes I could man size. Unique Needs filled the bill! The it was just simply putting on the right stockings, making sure I don't snag them, finding some patties, and some more fishnets, just because!

So if you saw me on the corner . . .

Hey VOTE! thats what I want, none of that, whatever you had in mind!

Check out Winter's campaign trail here

I highly doubt that many of you will want to creat my look, so I'm just putting links to the stores

Hair-The Stringer Shrine
Boa-Nicky Ree
Corset-She Wants Revenge
Undergarments-SNATCH(wont let me type it right today)
Shoes-Unique Needs

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