Monday, November 9, 2009

Deviant to the end

So I'm not dying, yet.

You still have to deal with me.

I'm still going to bug you, from time to time.

I've been in a mod of dark dark skins lately. House of Ruin had these out for gifts in my annual Halloween hunt. I'm sure you'll be able to buy them at some point. This colour was just dreamy.

I totally missed all the halloween awesomeness this year, due to my sickness. So I said fuck it, I'm not going to get into xmas, I'm doing halloween all the way into the new year. That should make up for missing a few weeks eh? So here is my wonderful wormy goodie from Sanu.

Deviance is the best place to get your year round costume needs. Here I'm wearing the newest creation to the line, this wonderful Witchy outfit. Surreal sent this over to me, and I'm normally online to say thanks, but I suck and was sick, so I figured I'd blog it to make up for not gushing all over her feet. Oh and the darling knows I love green and sends me green all the time. Got to love that! I just happened to have the perfect green shade in my new colour collection to match, so I threw on Manes of Glory to spike my look out.

The best part about Deviance is the quality. It is awesome zoomed right in, and you get so many options. Baiscally every layer possible in every piece. Also Surreal happens to be almost the same size as me, so I really don't have to resize much, it's bliss.

I'd hardly be me nowadays without my House of Ruin eyes. These were also in said hunt. I had to wear them cause they had Witch in the title. No other reason, hehe.

Now I wouldn't be Helena if I dind't have something on for free. These boots were a group gift from Maitreya.

This next outfit I wore to Ruina's Store anniversary party. I was going to go as a scarey pink poof dust bunnah type thing, but then I was like oooo Bloodrayne. She is the hottest Game Character ever. MMMMMM.

I took these shots at Groll's Inn. There is alot of different areas to play in, and most everything you come apon is buyale, but luckily isn't plastered with signage.

You want it all don't you?

Deviance Outfit #1

Skin-House of Ruin-Lethean Dusk Ritual-Hunt Gift
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Manes of Glory in Black Tipped #5-L$300
Eyes-House of Ruin-Plasmid in S.E. Black Witch-Hunt Gift
Lashes-Store no longer around
Outfit-Deviance-Bewitching in green-L$350
Boots-Maitreya-SoHo Boots-Group gift
Wormy-Sanu-Gummy Worm Fruity 3-L$15

Deviance Outfit #2

Skin-Exodi-Lily Vamped in Cold Blood-Hunt Gift
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Sacrifice in S.E. Nightshine Red-Can get thru the Stringer Trading Card Program
Eyes-House of Ruin-Plasmid in S.E. Ivy-Group Gift
Lashes-La Sylphide-Natural Lashes-L$0
Outfit-Deviance-Bloodrayne-L$ 350
Blades-Rush Designs-RayneBlades(My first big buy ever! way back when I was a noob)-L$650


Ruina Kessel said...

Gorgeousness and major win! And I know you wear my stuff all the time, but I'm still flattered when you blog it :) Thank you, sweets <3

Helena Stringer said...

Awwww thanks Hunny, your stuff is the shit, and I'm so excited about your skins.