Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Helena Stringer in Weird Science

It took a blogger challenge to get me to post, but it was such a good one I could not resist!

John Hughes has left us.

You've more then likely come across some of his work over your lifetime, but if now, visit here.

Weird Science-1985

Even tho I was like 2 when this came out, it has been one of my fav movies for a while. I remember my adoptive brother and I watching it with bras my adoptive dad stuck on our heads, mind you this was when I was much older, say 14.

hehe good times

Rest in Peace John, and make some angles blush


Skin-Rockberry-Uma in Tan tone
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Spikey Space Punk in Rock Sparkles
Eyes-Skin Within-Entice
Lashes-La Sylphide-Natural Prim Lashes
Top-Snatch-Shotgun Hoodie
Undie-Cupcakes-Catherine in Silver

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Achariya Rezak said...

Unf. I want a piece of that! <3 thanks.