Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A picture paints...

...a thousand words but hides many others.

Who do you see standing before you? A young, gorgeous pale skined beauty, innocent and sweet, just out for a day of fun in the sun. Sorry but this sexy little vixen is far from it I'm afraid.

Please don't be fooled by these pics...Yes! she is pretty as she runs her fingers through her beautiful long blonde hair, soaking up the rays of sun with the warm soft sand beneath her toes. But what you can't see is the .40 caliber pistol with silencer that she holds in the palm of her hand that she just pulled from her beach bag.

Pretty face, cold stare and an emotionless heart, perfect for a Stringer Assasin.
This little beach babe has been given orders to assasinate... Sorry but I can not disclose the name of the target but I can tell you that it is a Linden and that he is snorkling alone just off shore. Eyes locked on to her target, she walks down to the waters edge. It is advised that you please look away now!

Without even batting an eyelid, the job is done!
Linden's body is well hidden, wedged in under a rock ledge...away from the view of local surfers.

Model/Assasin: Can't disclose that information
Photographer: LeahJane Cazalet
Hair: Assasin - Platinum The Stringer Mausoleum
Swimwear: Flicked bikini set Reaction
Eyes: Basic #6 Luscious blue (Glowprims) Sindecade
Accessorie: Hibiscus BareRose
Skin & Shape: Waka & Yuki
Location: Boneyard (no longer available)

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Helena Stringer said...

omg it's bad when the blog owner blogs less then you guys! but thanks for blogging hun! I love to see what you do, you always make fun ones!