Monday, May 18, 2009

History Repeats

History Repeats.

What an interesting title. This was the name of the event that was held last week at Rezzable's Kings Rezzable Sim. Winter Jefferson was our wonderful host/organizer for this event.

The theme was dressing up as your favorite Historical Character. I really couldn't decided on anything, and wasn't staying for long, so this is what I threw on.

I got this set of Dresses, called Bonbon, at PixelDolls, knowing full well that one day, I would get a chance to wear them. There is 8 colours to the set. This was my favorite colour combo, and as all good girls do, I have perfectly matching hair!

It all seemed very mardi gras after I had it all going, but I was cool with that. The hair was actually made for Rezzable, for a past fashion event. The feel of it so went with the look I was trying to achieve.

This skin is from a up and coming designer. Daarc does not have these for purchase just yet, but I look forward to what other goodies she will have for us. The lips on these make me imagine all sorts of late, LATE nights. There are also so many yummy colours for the makeups. So far there are 4 tones, catering more to the Elven and Fae.

The eyes are from House of Ruin. I think I'm going to almost be exclusively wearing House of Ruin from now on. You really can't beat the quality for the price. SOOOOO many colours. That really is a big thing for me, since I might have everyday favorites, but am changing so often for shoots, that I can't afford to stick to a set regiment regular eye colours.

The dress seemed to walk right out from a painting.

I couldn't help but feel a bit regal in this. Though the event has past, history still repeats. Thus I share!

The Courtly Attire:

Skin-Elfpyre-Not yet Released
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Stained in Deep Tipped-L$225
Eyes-House of Ruin-Felid in Scarlet-L$20
Eyelashes-La Syphide-Natural prim lashes-L$0
Dress-PixelDolls-Bonbons-L$100 for 8 colours
Boots-Adam and Eve-Stompi in Black-L$50

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