Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Taking the law...

into her own hands.
It's time to fight back!

In certain extreme situations,
The law is inadequate.
In order to shame its inadequacy,
It is necessary to act outside the law.
To pursuit...natural justice.

This is not vengeance.
Revenge is not a valid motive,
it's an emotional response.
No...not vengeance...punishment!

Those that do evil to others in SL,
like thieves that copy and steal others designs,
the unwarranted grievers,
and those hasty to judge others by their appearance.

You will all come to know me well.
The friendly, carefree LeahJane is dead.
Call me...the Punisher.

TSM: Hair - Allegory Snow tipped (Monochrome pack)
Tuli: Skin - Hope Ivory pris (Group gift)
Poetic Colour: Eyes - Easter Lilac (past freebie)
iN::After Earth: Tatt - Champion's trophy
Twisted & Spoiled: Outfit - Renegade in black (includes gloves, collar and leg bands)
Newman's group: Shot gun
Monogrind: Toxic waste shoes (Unisex)
Little Britain Designs: Piercings - Skull set (Past hunt gift)
Sn@tch: Evil skull belly ring
Location: Outskirts of Akeyo Main store
*Words taken from 'The Punisher Movie'


Ruina Kessel said...

Woooo! Go LJ! :D

Sexy as always. Seriously - really fuckin' sexy! :O

LeahJane Cazalet said...

Thanx Ruina!

*grins and blushes just a little*