Friday, May 22, 2009

Callie Cline Appreciation Day!

I think I missed it, but that's fine, it's never too late to tell someone thank you.

A thank you never goes stale
A thank you never gets old
A thank you never is a bad thing

So here is my Tribute of Thanks to Callie Cline. She is someone that always goes above and beyond. She knows the meaning of love. She cherishes her fellow man, knowing full well that behind that keyboard is someone, in most cases human. *Winks*

Her generosity is renowned in the SL world. She'll friend you just to stop you from talking about her. Good things about her. How odd . . .

She always tries to find something nice to say, "Oh that's an . . . interesting outfit Helena . . . ". She may even ask for a demon makeover if you lucky!

I could go on, but well all know, there are many ways to thank our Callie.

And so here is my Mer-Related Tribute Photo

We all can use a bit of Callie's creations in our wardrobe, no matter who or what we are!

Dress-caLLie cLine couture-blue bubbLe-L$1200

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Cherelle Capra said...

Got to love that Callie!