Tuesday, March 31, 2009


As the tribespeople of the Stringer clan came to the defenses of the poor unicorns at Starlust Motel AKA Sparkle Village, they couldn't help but breath in all the glittery goodness. As a divine blessing from their unicorn goddesses, there began a transformation in the tribespeople.

Rainbow colours abound!

Also lots of random "action".

The face of bliss.

Prancing for Joy.

Preening in her lovely mane.

Posing for onlookers, we are a vain bunch, amidst all this glitter.
*Limited Special Edition Hawk*
Errrrrr, mane!
Various missmatchiness of colours to create this look.
And look even my dress is having fun!

Skin-Trap-Heart skin(tone 1) in Rainbow-L$1500 for 2 colours
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Limited Edition Mohawk-Preen-L$1(till the war is over)
Eyes-House of Ruin-Toxic-Lye in Necrosis-L$20(Closed for store revamp-but go get the gifties!)
Horn-Sinfull Creation-Dark Unicorn Horn-L$100
Tail-Grendel's-Freebie wall(I modded it's colour, but it is colour change too)
Hooves-Lazy Places-Myth Boots-Satyr Hooves-L$350
Dress-Katat0nik-Making Memories Dress-Limited time Freebie

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