Saturday, March 21, 2009

The strange things you find in the desert ...

The strange things you find in the desert ...
Deep in the desert, while the sun is high and you're not really sure if you're delirious from the heat, you come across a creature at once familiar and strange. Is it a person? Is it an animal? And ... is that a HORN on it's head? The creature sees you, turning it's mysterious stare upon you, almost as if it were passing a judgment on you. Its gaze makes you uncomfortable and you want to shoo it away, but you find yourself strangely immobilized.

The strange things you find in the desert ...

"You. You are trapped in a world of make believe." It says, its voice cool and matter-of-fact.

"I'd think so. Why else would I be seeing you?" You manage to muster, thinking yourself somewhat clever.

"No. You do not understand. THIS, this is real. Your world of jobs, and houses, and money, and wristwatches - that is the world of make believe. You pretend those things are real and important. But they are not."

You are dumbfounded. Of course that can't be true ... Can it?

"Wha ... what does that even mean?" You manage to stammer.

The creature's eyes turn kind and it graces you with a smile that fills your soul with warmth, light, and ease.

"It means, learn to hear what your heart says, for it speaks truth." And with that, it dashes off into the redstone landscape, vanishing in the heatwaves.

The strange things you find in the desert ...

"Summon Winter" mohawk in snow
by Stringer Mausoleum & Shrine

"Lupine" eyes, test color (unreleased)
by House of Ruin (closed for remodeling)

"Vent Nymph" avatar set skin
by Flea Bussy @ Grendel's Children

"Unicorn Horn" antiqued
by Illusions

Cheshire Ears (unavailable)
by *Illuminati* (now [Gauze])

Rris' Horse tail
by Rris @ Grendel's Children

Black Leather Ankle Boots
by Lassitude & Ennui

Pictures taken at Grendel's Children sim, Avaria Tor :)


Helena Stringer said...

oh this was fun!

Ya those sim are so nice to take pics in

Yay, Leahjane started us all on a role!

Ruina Kessel said...


It was awesome because I was standing around with AlterEgoTrip, in the Summon Winter hair, and said "haha I should put on a horse tail with this hair!" ... and it all started from there, rummaging through my inventory to find things that would work. With creature avies in particular, it's always a great success to *piece* it together out of disparate parts, and have it come out looking like it goes together :D