Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dare to be...

Different! Take a walk on the wild side of SL and create your own style and have a little fun with it! I am a beach bum that loves to surf in SL but I also have a darkside that I love to play with. Do you know how much fun it is to rock up to a beach looking like this, it really freaks people out, even more so when you pull out a surf board and start rip'n up a few waves...ahahaha. The Stringer Mausoleum is the perfect place to start off your own unique style, many amazing and creative styles to choose from.

This spikey little number is called QUILL, perfect for the new you. It is unisex style that is available in many amazing colours. This one is Deep tipped from the Seas colour pack. If your likin this hairdo then get you arses over to TSM now because QUILL is the current deal of the amazing 75% off colour packs. The gorgeous Snake skin (Black/Blue without brow) is from a little store call Reaktor Omega and is available in other colour variations, there are lovely Drow skins there too. The dress, OMG the Chic Raven dress...damn sexy! I think I have almost worn the pixels out of this dress by GrueLing Designs. Oh...and it is also available in red.
Beautiful skin and absolutely stunning eyes. Burst eyes are a new release eyes from TSM with six to choose from. These ones are Unreal-Refresh and they go extremely well with my new reptilian look.

Luscious lizards tongue and fangs were created by Lush and you can get them from the Reaktor Omega store for only L$1. They are in a box directly under the snake skins.
I bet I could do some amazing things with that tongue...hmmm...
*LJ's mind begins to wonder*

More Stringer goodness. TSM have released new sets Volant Demon Parts in 6 new colours. (Same style as the awesome set that Helena is giving away in the Twisted hunt) I am wearing the Volant tail in teal (horns not shown) The teal set is a one week special, only L$ get it before it's gone! Boots, boots, can't forget my boots. This post would be incomplete without metioning some footwear. These sexy, studded, strappy, black boots are from The Bobbysocks Shoppe, a little expensive for my poor little budget but I was lucky enough to pick these beauties up for half price in a recent sale...YAY!!!

So come play on the darkside, it's a lot of fun.

I've shown you mine now you show me yours...I dare you!

Hair: Quill - Deep Tipped $44 (Seas pack) TSM
Eyes: Burst Eyes $15 each TSM
Tail: Volant Demon Parts - Teal $45 TSM
Skin: Snake Skin $399 Reaktor Omega
Fangs & Tongue by Lush: $1L Reaktor Omega
Dress: Chic Raven $300 GrueLing Designs
Boots: Studded Strappy Boots $400 The Bobbysocks Shoppe


Helena Stringer said...

oh my Just want to eat you.Would have loved to have seen you boarding in this. I still have to come by some time!

Ruina Kessel said...

hahahaha, oh yeah, now I want to surf just so I can do it in my weird get ups! LOL

LJ, you are stunning, as usual! Such style! Such smex! Glad to know you have a darkside, my dear - I always thought I could catch a twinkle of it in your eye ;)