Monday, March 23, 2009

Jaffa Love

I hate orange. With a blazing tangerine passion. But someone special is in my life now who is obsessed with the colour, so I need to force myself.

Orange 4

I think it's a case of - go hard, or go home.

Orange 3

This insanely glorious - or gloriously insane - hair makes it that bit easier.

Orange 2

I could get used to it. I SUPPOSE. The things we do for love, eh?

Orange 1

Just DON'T get me started on yellow.

The Stringer Mausoleum Anemone in Pumpkin
Rockerwear Emo Stripes Top
Whippet and Buck Henley Long Sleeved Top in Trinidad
Armidi A001 Jeans in Classic Black
HoC Chucks
Studio Sidhe Alphabeads



Helena Stringer said...

I'm right there with you, my top uggg colour is pink, but white---->just as bad!

and I have a dislike for browns too

Why oh way do they have to put all 3 together, and make it in a flowery pattern?

Helena Stringer said...

must run and make orange plaid!

Orange kilts!

I was super curious when you purchused the orange. I saw the pop up and decided to keep my mouth shut. Just to see what was going to happen. My computer is still here, so we must be good.

Winter Jefferson said...

Pink and white? You're killing me, Lena! That's what I'm all about!

And I winced at buying orange too, but don't worry - eventually I'll own your entire store. One colour pack at a time.

Helena Stringer said...

hey you can wear it and look dood in it, for me, I end up all cute and shit! ACK!

Anonymous said...

*hugs her orange wampyre* mmmm you tastes like amaretto and rawk the orange!!

Ruina Kessel said...

Brave Winter!! lol

I'm totally with you on the yellow. I think it's the one color of Helena's hairs I don't have at all LOL.