Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Doing it like Sin

This outfit just reminded me of the movie "Sin City" for some reason.

What better way to kick this blog off, then to show you guys one of my most favorite and first styles I ever made. Spikey Space Punk is some massive hair! You want to get noticed, well this one will do the trick! Don't ask what I was trying to do with this pic, I really don't know, hehe.

I got this skin from Selos Dae, another Canadian designer on the grid. Selos designs hand drawn skins that are super yummy! What impresses me the most is []Trap[](Selos Dea's store and product line), makes all the makeups in both male and female versions. Guys with makeup are just plain pixel goodness! I was actually thinking I was special, since only a few friends of his had it at the time, but then he put it out in his Limited Special Edition Haunted skins packages as an added bonus. So you can get it, but only for another few days, seeing as it will be gone on the 31st of october, not much time I know, but god I took these pics like a month ago, so foooooooorgiiiiiive me! The style line of the skin is called "Heart". You will see by the tattooing that is done directly on the skin, that it has a classic tattoo theme, and also does have the heart element.

You can get the skin in other "normal" colours tho, which I will show you at a later date, they were made to make sweet love to my mohawks!

I sexed it up with a sheer dress, so you can faintly see the tats that go down the whole skin, without having to pose nude in my very first post!

This outfit I got more then a year ago, I still remember the day, it was when Fashcon had it's birthday, so we all were hopping around the grid like mad, getting a bunch of goodies at stores. There was a brown version of this given as a gift, and seeing as I'm not a fan of brown anything, I went and got the black. Can't say I go this sexy often, but loved it none the less.I was super sleepy, really couldn't even keep my avi's eyes open!

The choker came from *Hexed*, it was one of the first jewelry pieces I actually got myself, and the shading just so went with this skin. My eyes are from =Hal*Hina=. Got these babies when the store was just such a little thing. They don't sell these ones anymore, but have others of the same style in other colours. They do have a red, but it's not so shocking! I have that one too! hehe. I collect many eyes, it's one of my other fasinations in sl(TM). And you like the little demon piggy? He I got from a licky(lucky I know) chair! You can find him at Winx's.

Now the boots! Everyone loves these oots, I had someone lick them once, and I didn't even know the person! You can get them in black as well, and they are all prims baby, none of that sculptie shit, not that sculpties are bad, but it takes true talent to torture prims to look that good, and the textures are delish. And these babies are Cheap! Well compared to some others on the market, that aren't even as well made!

So you want the stuffs? do ya do ya?

Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Spikey Space Punk in black/red tipped from the Black Tipped pack-L$200 you get 8 different tip colours in the pack. Lots of different pack as well

Skin-[]Trap[]-Heart Skin-S.E. in the Haunted pack-only until oct.31st-L$1800

Eyelashes-Sin Skins-Ferra in black-L$100

Eyes-= Hal*Hina =-Fruit Eyes-Cherry-L$120 pack of 5

Choker-*Hexed*-Corset leather&lace-2 pack-L$60


Outfit-[ginc]- Bianca 30% sheer in black-sadly could not find the store again, and all the creators have other shit in the profile,more info will be posted here, when I get the creators to contact me back.

Panties- Sn@tch -Black Panties part of the :::Sn@tch The Fishnet Collection V 2.0::: pack only L$85 right now-L$170 normally(big 50% off sale going on)

Boots-::AD:: -Red Loto Boots v2-L$180

Devil pig-Winx-Lucky Chair Item


Ruina said...

Mmmmm red and black. It's a combination I find hard to resist! :D

Helena Stringer said...

hehe wootwoo! first person on here, need to ge a counter so i can giggle at out numbers

Belochka Shostakovich said...

Yay, great outfit! I'm late viewing but hope you had a fun Halloween.:)

Helena Stringer said...

Oh ya baby, went out got smashed! hehe planning on doing a rl/sl pic for flickr, with my rl costume, then try to recreate it in sl