Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lucky in Fleur

A few weeks ago Fleur came out with some new spring makeups for the Shoujo line they have. Though they are more girly then my normal taste, I do so love the slight japanese feel. Plus there are ways to spice anything up.

I went, bought, and put on. THEN . . . I ended up tp'd to some lucky chairs and won the whole lot! There was like 6 chairs!

The Dress is one of the lucky chair gifts from Discord. There are a few different colours, but today seemed like an orange day.

I threw on one of my more Japanese inspired hairs, which is actually a dollarbie in the store. The really rad thing? you get it in all 114 colours and it comes with attachments that I'm not wearing.
Now these eyes you ask, where do you think I got them? Can you guess?
Haha didn't buy them, but yes they are from House of Ruin. The may end up a hunt gift, or may end up for sale, don't know yet, but I own them and you don't so it's all good! Neener neener!

I of course won the matching booties to the dress while on my 6 lucky chair win spree. These are from Discord as well.
I hope your Fleur Skins bring you as much luck as mine did!

Skin-Fleur-Lotus Shoujo Spring 6-L$1000
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Yumi in Spiced Tipped-L$1 for pack of 114 colours!
Eyes-House of Ruin-Mysteria Eye-not yet available for purchase
Lashes-La Sylphide-Natural Prim Lashes-L$0
Outfit-Discord- JOU-DEN Pink Yellow-Lucky Chair Item
Boots-Discord-SHINO-BI in Orange-Lucky Chair Item


Ruina Kessel said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! And you make those eyes look so good! If I do put em out, it's because you showed me they'd be worth it ;)

Helena Stringer said...

yay! cause they are worth it!